Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New F1 Body from SpeedPassion?

I thank my buddy Zach for bringing this to my attention. But it appears we have a pretty cool looking body from Speed Passion called the F68.


Speedpassion is proud to introduce the new F-68 1/10th scale Formula 1 body. The new F-68 body takes customization and tuning to a new level in the rapidly growing 1/10 scale F1 racing
segment. Racers can mix and match the included 4 interchangeable nose profiles and 2 interchangeable rear fins to create their own personalized F1 car. Along with the 4 front nose profiles and 1 rear fins, the body includes a driver’s helmet, double-sided tape, a decal set, and assembly instructions. The F-68 body fits all popular 1/10th scale racing chassis on the market.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nice Job Hamilton,

And you kept my boy Alonso's hopes alive.

USGP in Austin Texas

Man what an exciting day, it is against my religion to wake up early on the weekends. But I cant sleep, Ive been up since 730. USGP is on in a couple of hours and I cant wait. I wasn't able to go this year, but I have a friend there, and he certainly is havign a time. Heres some pics I smurfed of the COTAs facebook page.

Historic F1

I bet that sounded amazing.

Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Garage

Phil Hill

More Phil Hill

Almost 90K fans showed for qualifying.

More Ferrari Challenge.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3Racing Independent Front Suspension up close

Alright, met up with the Monday F1 Posse at Mikes last night for some carpet madness. Ran my Ultra and my F1R that I threw together the night before. Also 1/12 and WGT, but who cares right? Title says FGX front end or something so that's what I will briefly talk about. Robert has it, I saw it, snapped some shots. There you go. He added the Exotek Front Arms, and evidently was feeling a little crazy, he added a 17.5 instead of the 21.5. On our tight carpet track I wouldn't have suggested it, much less tried it. But Robert did and it looked good. He chased my WGT for several minutes nose to tail until my 1 cell slowed down and his 2 cell kept going. He liked it a lot. He mentioned that he would never have been able to run like that without the new Exotek arms. Car looked good, fast, stable, everything you would expect from he FGX with the exception on sturdy. Yeah I said sturdy, he tangled with 2 WGT's and a sedan and came out in one piece more than once. 3Racing has beefed up the upper deck, especially that area that we all have broken a time or seven. I do not think he broke anything last night. Which is more than I can say.

 In honor of the FGX I broke a front end on my Ultra and a composite rear pod on my F1R! Ultra took a couple of hard hits and a really nice looking tumble before it let go, as for the F1R, not sure, was using the Tamiya carbon reinforced rear pod and well.... the stock plastic pod is stronger, I didn't even wreck it. Just started acting weird with the gear mesh, saw I had a crack on the top motor mount screw.

So want to hear MY FGX test drive story? Well I dont have one, I didn't even ask to drive it. Knowing my history with the FGX, I was kinda surprised Robert let me get close enough to take those pics. Sounds like 3Racing has a winner, and for around $30 US, hell, why not? Looks cool.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

50000 Visitors

Hit 50000 visitors today! I am not sure why, but I don't care. Glad enough people come by to check out this thing regularly. Will have some more stuff pretty soon. I have a few birthday parties for nephews and nieces in the next few weeks so I will miss a couple of racing weekends. Might get to take off for some deer hunting one weekend, F1 returns to the USA in a bit more than 2 weeks, and the mad Christmas rush at work starts after that. I will be plenty busy, but will do my best to get something good on here. Thanks for everything.

Do have a bit of info, Robert has ordered the new 3racing front end for the FGX and should have it by tomorrow. Will get more details and a track report probably after the Monday night practice next week. Also have a new esc I'm using in World GT, and my 1/12 scale still boggles my mind with electronic issues. More later.