Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Speed Passion SP-1.1?

I got this on my Facebook feed. Just pics. Little info. BUT, I am working on it. I do know it comes in a kit and RTR version. Price? No Clue, but I'm sure more than competitive. More to follow, hopefully.

More Speed Passion SP-1 Pro.

Honest Injun, I haven't even run mine. I don't have a motor or a servo yet. Decided not to gut the Exotek F1Ultra because that car is just incredible. So of course I painted bodies to kill some time and we all saw how badly that worked out. Last night I got to looking at the SP-1 and although I "thought" I followed the instructions to the letter, I skipped some letters, basically the front and rear widths. I had rear about 184mm where I wanted it,but the front was 200mm. Luckily the fix is simple and I have some pics from RCTech to show some of it. I did have to cut about 3mm from upper arm and one of the plastic ballcup linkages to do it, but wire cutters are my friend. Heres some pics from Solara et al at RCTech. This mostly the 180mm conversion. Its simple as can be. Even a CaveTC can do it.

                 Note with upgraded aluminium caster block you wont need to drill holes here

Monday, May 15, 2017

Last One.

Taking a break from painting it is getting ridiculous. Two bodies this weekend, 12 hours each, and instead of getting better, they are not. So gotta take a break and actually go out to the track and run these cars. I haven't been on a track in 2 years and I haven't been on carpet in almost 4.

Niki Lauda's 1984 World Championship McLaren MP4/2. Of course they sent me the decals of the MP4/5, MP4/5B and MP4/6. So it is NOT powered by Honda, or probably not Shell either. But I got what I got. I used about 4 different decal sheets just to do Lauda's helmet

                                   At least it doesn't look like Scottie Pippen's NIKE's.
                                      Just to be clear these are not F1RCLab decals.