Friday, August 11, 2017

Exotek IFS

I haven't been to active lately had a personal set back, and I also made a mistake on planning the UltraX so I have to take chassis to the drill press to fit the IFS set, no worries but here is the IFS

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

FrankenUltra 1

Its called FrankenUlrata simple because i haven't come up with a better name. I have moth of the parts except for the front end EXOTEK IFS front end. And it is on the way now. And are bits I need as well as a 25.5 and a servo. I honestly do not know what or when the next shipment come. so basically All I've are parts still. but I have a lo  of them

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

And so it begins...

Brad Palmer from F1RCLab and I have been colluding with each other (and of course the Russians) on a new build. Basically I come up with the idea, and BP either likes it or does a face palm. Well after about a month of likes and facepalms we finally have a car to build. He has the parts, I will acquire them with money, he will ship, I will build, and text him and bug him to death as always. I present to you just a glimpse of the EXOTEK FrankenUltra. I have the chassis conversion, most of rear diff assembly and if I am lucky I have an old F109 (yes still have them) rear pod that might work. IF not I will get another Blue Tamiya pod from BP.

That's what I have so far. Now for the "but", the Exotek F1Ultra (which is my favorite of all my F1s) is an F103 based 200mm car. The FrankenUltra, and I will come up with better name, will be a 190mm car with F104 rear end and tires, and it will have the EXOTEK IFS front end for the hi end F104s. So basically a short wheel base F1 with a 190mm width, super sweet and probably above my intelligence level front end and and when it is done probably the most expensive 5 year old car I could build. But it will be new and fun, and maybe even a bad ass like my 200mm F1Ultra. I may start building tonight but most likely tomorrow, I still have a lot of bits to get. Stay Tuned

New Rocket RC F1

Rocket RC F1