Saturday, July 23, 2011

First F1 day at Mikes Hobbies

Success. Id say definitely a success. First time ever for F1 on the carpet at Mikes and we had 4 racers. 4 drivers, 4 different chassis, 3 different motor winds, both foams and rubber tires. And our fast laps were all within .25 seconds of eachother. Boards are the great equalizer. I ran 17.5 and with my gearing and setting max throttle at 70% I was not much faster than a 21.5 on the back stretch, the infield is where the race is won and lost (in my case). Fun day, good racing, very close, and VERY clean. We actually looked like we had done it before. Racer Robert took the TQ and the win with a 27/6:01. I qualified 2nd and finished 3rd 2 laps down with a 25/6:02. A mistake at the beginining and at the end, and that was all it took. Had a blast, I think we all did. Hope to see some more F1 cars soon.

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