Saturday, October 29, 2011

F1 Fun 10-29

In between the races today was where the real fun stuff began. Alex, Robert and I got to play with the F1s. Including or rather especially, Roberts brand new 3racing FGX. This thing is for real. Independent rear suspension. This may be a game changer. In fact I'd bet on it. I could tell you all about it, but I'm sure everyone would rather see pictures. I will say this, the longer this thing is out, the more hop ups become available, the better this car will get. I drove it for just a couple of minutes, and since it wasn't mine, I didn't get cute with it. But if I wanted to get cute with it, it would have handled it. It is S T U C K. Here is some pics. Oooooh and aahhhhh to its greatness.

NASCAR Tribute Race at Mikes 10-29

Hella fun day. I raced VTA and VTA oval today, plus some good practice with both F1 cars. More on that later. Today was all about the Oval. 15 cars showed up, and we all piled into one race. It was chaos, it was a mess, it was glorious and it was fun. I hope we get to do it again on a semi regular basis. Qualified 4th finished 10th. You make one mistake and you go a lap down. 14 people on the track with you make sure you pay. I paid. I was alot faster than 10th. I wish I could have gotten video, but alas....I failed. Any way heres a pic before the main.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

F1 at 2012 Carpet NATIONALS

all 2 of you that read this blog, be heard, let ROAR know we want F1 at the Nats!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mikes 10-20

I went to mikes early afternoon today. Left Mclaren at home so I would be forced to play with The Mutant more. Worked. Ran a few laps and was still loose in the rear and just all around nervous on the straights. Put associated .024s in the front and laid the rear shock down about 4mm to almost level. The Mutant is better than the Mclaren right now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Holy Jesus I got to run oval today after 19 years. VTA oval on the new and improved oval at Mikes. I will admit I was part of the vocal minority that wanted an oval at Mikes, others showed interest right up until we actually got said oval. Then......nothing. Well today it changed, 4 VTA guys and 2 Sprint cars ( FN BADASS). I won first heat, think I got 2nd in 2nd but dont care, we were nose to tail for 3 of the 4 minutes, swapping the lead and some paint. You cant get that kind of racing everyday, especially on a road course. So yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of it. And I hope to continue it. F1 cars worked well today, even the Mutant was ok with the new kicks. Once a groove gets down on the new layout it will be better. The F109 was golden on the oval once I got some heat in the tires. Right up until I bumped the inside rail and sent my left rear flying and my car tumbling. Oh well, one replacement rear hub on the way soon. Wish there was some video of the VTA races, Id like to see it.

The Mutant Narrow F109K4

Well its finished barring a new body. Taking it to Mikes today. More to come....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Racing 10-15 at Mikes

4 of us ran in VTA, I got second to AWD. Hes just about unbeatable so I will take 2nd any time! VTA ran well, I drove better than normal. I think the VRC Pro is really helping my driving. I get a lot of practice online now. My F109 ran pretty good too, the switch to Pit Shimizu F3 soft compund in the front really made it a new car, the mediums in the front just didn't have the bite. Very drive-able, pretty fast. The F109K4 project is going OK. Got the right tires today, same compound as on the F109 standard, so there will be some severe track time tomorrow to wring it out some and get it going right. If not, I ll cut my losses and go back to the wide front end. But I think it will be fine. Looking forward to some open track. But hoping some of these oval guys that said they were interested in running an oval show up. Pretty Ri-GD-diculous to have that nice oval go to waste after the trouble Mike went to to build the damn thing. He made the lanes wider, it looks fast. Will find out tomorrow. Ill never mention an oval track at Mikes again. Sorry asses.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Practice

Me and Alex got together for some fun at Mikes Hobby Shop. He just painted up a Leyton House body for his f104 with the wide front end. His car was great all night.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Obviously I just posted some pics. First pic is the temporary mounting of the servo, shoe goo style. I have the aluminum f104 servo mounts on the way. Next pic shows the angle of the upper arms after taking the spacer out. I have shims in the frontend that can be moved/swapped/removed whatever to adjust ride height etc. It is a very tight fit for the F104 body of course. I picked the Novak GTX because of its small size (and someone had it for sale at track), and even with its very small size, I still had to mount it on its side. Rx is mounted on its side as well. All wires are zip tied towards the centerline. And still the body just barely fits.

It lives

Took the F109 K4 out for a run in the dark tonight just to check things out. All I can tell is that it goes, and that it tracks straight. Which is all I wanted to know. Still missing the dampener, but I should have that next weekend. Wont be near the carpet til then anyway. I also need a body and some rubber tires, and it will be ready to go. More details tomorrow. Maybe.