Thursday, January 31, 2013


The annual Snowbirds race is happening now in sunny Fla. I have always wanted to hit the 'Birds more than any other race. Not this year but we have some Mike's locals there. 2012 stock sedan National Champ Chris Chris Adams and our very own Sharpie are there along with James Lumberg. Give em Hell boys. Check out the racing live here Snowbirds Live

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lotus F1 Team E21 Live Launch

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another new F1

It seems VBC is in the F1 race now with a new car called the Flash 04. Looks slick as snot (thats a good thing) with a bitchin looking front end, inboard links and bellcrank steering. Looks like a lot of the good stuff from other designs thrown into one car. Im diggin this one. I will be very interested in seeing one up close. Will it be any better than any of the other? Who cares, its a new car, looks good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exotek, Kyosho and Tamiya

Lots of stuff to talk about, but I need to do some research first. I have my new Exotek F1R built and track ready. I actually have a few laps on it now. Using the popular 571/572 Pit Shimizu combo. That combo hasn't really worked well forbus on our carpet. Car is way too twitchy, had a pair of the F3 mediums, and they calmed it down. I think the F3 softs will ne the real deal for it. Thats the combo that works the best on the carpet at Mikes. And its the combo that works on the Ultra as well.

There ate now 2 of the Kyosho Plazma F1 cars in town, with another on order. I have seen the car in person, and it looks good. I have not seen it in action yet.  I will this weekend.

Also, TP over at the UF1 site posted. THIS. Tamiyas version of the Ferrari F2012. F104 Pro v2 with new/old step nosed body. More to come as I get  back in the groove.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Racer Roberts Renault R26 F1R

Racer Robert painted up the 2005-06 Fernado Alonso World Champion livery for his Exotek F1R. The Tamiya F104 Pro body is perfect for that era. F1 Paintlab decals of course. I am jealous.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Racing 1/12

Good turnout at Mikes this weekend. Christmas is over and I now have some time to play. We had 8 F1's. And some pretty tight quarters racing. Lap times in the qualifiers were well down from normal, but Robert and Doug picked up the pace in the mains. My car was surprisingly fast all day, only 1/10th off the best lap in the qualifiers, but with the tight quarters, my erratic at best driving style wasn't the best. DNF'd both qualifiers with a broken front end in Q1 and a moved motor after forgetting to turn at end of straight in Q2. In the main, I started in the back but was in 4th by then end of lap 1, made my way to 3rd and held it until the 45 seconds to go mark. I don't remember exactly what I did, but it was wrong. I think I made an ill advised passing attempt on one of the Ferrari's and didn't pull it off. I had problems passing all weekend. I always do, I don't get the opportunity to pass much, so I'm not the best at it lol. But it was a great and relaxing day at the track. Raced WGT as well, car is good after about a minute on the track, but that first minute it is a handful. I will be rethinking my tire saucing strategy, only thing I can think of that might be off. When the car is good, it's really good, but after a minute of traction rolling and twitchyness, I am a long way back.

Tomorrow is Monday night Practice, I will have the Ultra, the F1R, my SpeedMerchant and my XRay VTA car. The new F1R made the track for a few laps yesterday, but I picked a bad servo, so I changed to a Savox that was in my WGT. And took the KO servo out of my 1/12 for the WGT. 1/12 car is out of action for awhile, while I decide what direction I am taking in RC. I am about to get back into VTA, and if it is fun like it was in the beginning, I will stick with it, F1 and WGT. If not, I will drop it like a bad habit and go from there. VTA had an incredible turnout yesterday, as people are gearing up for the big VTA race this Spring at Mikes. As well as all the special little races that Randy Novak is putting together. I have to get in on some of the shenanigans and hi-jinx. Now that i have a car that can survive it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A little Monday F1 Mayhem

New Years Eve, off from work, so I went up to Mikes for some carpet practice. Robert met me there as he was going to break in his new Exotek F1R. (Mine is still in construction) Ended up with 5 F1 cars on the track running and playing it was a good time. Me and Robert (ok Robert and I) decided to get narrow F1Rs, I having just sold my original F1R was already missing it, so no problem. I will buy another. My intentions were easy, I have a problem, I like RC cars. Good excuse, get another. Roberts was intent on finding out if in fact "wider is better". I will say that after one day of track tests and probably less than 5 packs through it, we dont know. But I do know that, Robert was turning lap times of 10.9, just like he turns them in his Ultra. Disgusting. He really is good though. My Ultra is still doing well, might gear it up, or even down a tooth, not sure. I am running 11.5 lap times, but I still havent had one magic flying lap where everything is millimeter perfect. Work in progress, F1 RULES>