Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Kyosho PLAZMA F1


Exotek F1 Ultra shakedown runs

It was Midnight Monday at Mikes tonight. Track open til midnight, perfect time to check out my new Exotek F1 Ultra. Had to take care of business before any track time, mainly, finish the track. Chris Adams, that's 2012 Carpet National stock sedan Champion Chris Adams to you (shameless name drop) did a layout change today, so me and Robert helped wrap up by securing the flappers and all to get it finished.

 We started out with our 1/12 scales and WGT's to get a groove started. The track of course was really green so it was in no condition for rubber tire F1's right off the bat, much less a brand new track virgin F1 Ultra. So we did some laps, got the feel for the track (AWESOME) and got out the F1's. Ill be honest, and it was to be expected, I had a few new chassis growing pains. Green track didn't help, lots of steering, on power, off power, whatever power, it steered. Rear traction, it did not have. I was all over the place for the first pack. Tightened some stuff that had loosened up on me, and went out for another pack, and another. Track started coming in, the Ultra started coming in, until finally everything was right and I decided to take the training wheels off and have some full throttle. I had been half throttling all night learning the track and the car, rear end was kicking out all night until I tightened everything and made a couple of side spring adjustments.

 Now let me say that normally, I am a good second per lap slower than Robert, even when we drive the same car, I'm that far off the pace.Not tonight baby! It was a glorious 5 minutes of carpet goodness. Tires were warm, track was finally getting some traction, and we were ripping it. New layout is a blast, by the way, even if we aren't allowed to run clockwise until the EOS in 2 weeks. Anyway, my best lap was a 13.4, Robert pulled off  a 13.2. When the lap counter called out a 13.4 it felt good, the car felt good, got a real nice drift in and out of the infield chicane, great rotation in the hairpins, and it felt really good. But during all that we decided, to let Chris have a go at the new layout with his Mod sedan and we watched him tear it up just long enough for our tires to cool down and glaze, and the magic was gone. It was late, didn't have time to do another pack, but I saw enough of the Ultra to say, I am going to like this car a lot. Hell, I was only 2 tenths slower than Robert, what do you expect? Ill get another round of practice in before the EOS weekend. I will get this thing really dialed in and hopefully, have something for those crazy UF1 Houston guys when they come to our barn for round 3. We will see, it will not be the cars fault if I don't.

 Go buy one. Tell em Uncle TC sent ya. No don't tell em that. But go get one anyway.

Team Exotek Williams.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exotek F1Ultra Build

So I got the Ultra Friday evening. (2 days late, thanks USPS) I was going to hand it off to BremerTech (Robert) for the build, but since it was late decided to go ahead and do it myself. No biggie really. Its a simple, straightforward build. Only a couple of hours worth of work unless you have two three year old boys running around chasing and being chased by monsters and thunder. Only had a couple of issues with the build and they were self inflicted for the most part. Both on the rear end. IE: the motor pod front piece is from an F104 instead of an F103 which is a bit different, and I broke the shock piston/thru shaft on the side dampener. But maybe I learned something I can pass on to future Ultra racers. Ok, blah blah blah, on to the pics!
Simple, no frills packaging.

Straightforward, step by step instructions.

Side shock assembly.

This is maybe the most important part of the build. You have to get the pivot right. No binding, work the rear end really good before tightening, and do not over tighten.

Once you have the pivot on there right, snap on the links and put the already assembled rear pod on the pod plate.

Here's where I ran into issue number one. Since I am using parts from an F104 pod, the rear shock mount is already elevated. You can see the two blue aluminium spacers under the CF piece, lose them if you are converting an F104W or using F104 pod. They are only needed on an F103 pod with the lower shock mounting. If you use these you will have MASSIVE anti droop or whatever you call it. It is painfully obvious once you see it.

Ok missing picture time. This is where the monsters and thunder started chasing the 3 year olds and Daddy had to take care of business. The 3 year olds are safe, but at the cost of pictures for the next few sections. But suffice to say, just simple install of the battery brace, and the pod for the link springs and dampener mount. I also put the steering mechanism on, its a 2 piece, no brainer job I was able to do while slaying monsters. Wish I had pics but really, nothing to see, that simple. It was in the stage I broke the piston for the side shock. The piston is pretty fragile, Robert broke one as well. Just don't horse it into the shock. I used the piston off my F1R so I wouldn't have to wait. Luckily its the same shock. On that note, for any of you with an F1R already that are considering an Ultra and think you can just get a few Ultra parts and be done with it..... no such luck. The Ultra and the F1R are entirely different. Chassis, pod plate, everything, are different. Links and side shock are the same, thats it. This is a whole nother car man. 

Finished product. I had to go with the battery in the back position because of the size of my esc I am using and the steering bellcrank. The Ultra also allows for inline battery mounting. I will probably try that in the future. On my F1R, when using a shorty, I mounted it inline, but forward, and really liked the handling. But I will try it like this Monday at midnite practice and see what I think. I can remount the electronics on their sides and put the battery inline without too much fuss, 2 screws and 2 pieces of double sided tape and done. Needless to say, I am anxious to get it on the carpet Monday for shakedown. 

Mikes Hobbyshop has turned into an EXOTEK track, with 4 Ultras and 2 F1Rs on the grid now. MikeR and Exotek are on to something. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Driver/Helmet details

These popped up on RCTech today, the poster is Kappe out of Italy. Really good stuff, very detailed. Really makes me want to go back and redo the drivers in all my F1 bodies. And I think I will. I always overlook the driver in my haste to finish. Kappe definitely does not overlook anything. Very nice work.

F1: GP Of America President Moves On

F1: GP Of America President Moves On

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Wide to Narrow and Back

Ordered an Exotek F1 Ultra this weekend, it will be here tomorrow. So I gutted the F1R of electronics and its front end to put on the Ultra when it gets here. I had of course gone wide on the F1R for the last few weeks. But I still want a narrow car so I have switched the F1R to narrow again. I'm handing the Ultra over to Robert to assemble and set up for me so I can jump right in and run it instead of going through the tuning issues I always get myself in haha. The ThunderPower 21.5, CRC shorty pack, and the Brushless Hobbies LT4 are all going into the Ultra. I will either get another 21.5 or use my 25.5 in the F1R and liberate an ESC from the WGT or 1/12 for a bit until I get another LT4. Really dig that ESC. Really dig the F1R and can not wait to get my hands on the Ultra, as I have wanted one ever since MikeR posted pics of it when it came out months ago. Of course I will post all about it and whatnot. Don't be surprised if I talk like its the best thing since Pit Shimizus or something. I have seen these cars in action a lot lately with Robert and Jordan buzzing around the track with them. So I expect nothing but pure rich creamy goodness. Of course I still will be the driver, I don't expect to all of a sudden start winning. The F1R is an awesome car, especially when I watch others drive mine. I'm not sharing my Ultra though.

F1R this weekend

F1R this evening.

In the mail tomorrow. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mikes 8/19

Headlines.... I made the A and the podium in both WGT and F1. The real story... there was only 3 in each class and I was last. I also raced 1/12 so it was a busy damn day. I wont run 3 classes again for awhile. Too much work. I ran poor in all classes, F1 was having rear traction problems all day, 1/12 was slow, and WGT varied from problem to problem, normally the driver. But it was better than being at work. Jordan TQd and won F1, Andrew won WGT and I dont know if James or Andrew won 1/12 but it was one of them, I left with a minute to go after going straight in the right turn only lane. Fun day anyway, even ordered the Exotek F1 Ultra between mains, so it will here Wednesday and I will see if I can talk Robert into building it for me. Bremertech does good builds. Now off to eBay to sell some stuff to fund the new addition to the stable.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Texas EOS Round 2 - 1/12 Scale A-Main Race on Aug. 12, 2012

Texas EOS Round 2 - Formula One (F1) A-Main Race

Round 5 Summer Carpet Shootout Series at Mikes

Tomorrow is round 5 of the Shootout Series at Mikes. Big day for F1 because points leader Robert will not be there, so everyone should get atleast 2 extra points tomorrow and walk away feeling a bit better about ourselves than on a normal race weekend. I went by the track today and some of the Austin crew is already there for 1/12 scale. Should be a good day, I will be running WGT, 1/12 and of course F1. Details......eventually.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eye Candy

Mike Kennedy's 104V2 in Team Lotus colors sporting the Gold Cup finish  on the aluminium from F1Paintlab.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Austin EOS round 2 results and pics

Was a great weekend and an awesome turnout at the EOS in Austin this weekend. 91 entries, the biggest on road turnout in Texas in over10 years not including the Carpet Nationals. 23 F1s made it again the largest class of the event. Great turnout by the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas F1 Posses. We had a C main with bump ups. Racing was tight, you had to turn a strong 27 laps to get into the A, I turned a fast 26 so I was in the B, finished 4th in the B with 27 laps, Robert made the A but Marcus/Mantisworx once again laid the smack down on the field with a 29 lap A main. Marcus, Chris Jones and Jordan Born made the A main Podium. Racing was close, cars were evenly matched: wide, narrow, didn't matter, it was who could stay clean and consistent. Negotiating back markers was tough on everyone, and the heat didn't help with track temps in the 140's and a temp of 108 under the shade.
In 1/12 scale we had 11 or 12, James Lundbergh (sp?) won it with Robert and Danny filling in the podium, I was 4th. Being my first ever 1/12 scale race, I will take it. And will be making 1/12 a regular class for me.

F1 Posse HQ in the RedRoof Inn

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Round 2 Texas EOS -Austin

Robert and I are headed to Austin this evening for tomorrow's Round 2 at the Tejano Ring (HobbyTown South). Will be a parking lot race, temps 100+, and almost 100 entries. Last time I checked F1 had 16, so should be another good show. Robert and I both will be entered in 1/12 and F1 so will be a busy day. We will fuel up, grab some Taco Casa, and head down there around 5pm. Drivers meeting 8am tomorrow, racing at 9 I think? Who knows? We'll be there. We are ready! Maybe I will tweet this one? I don't plan on being sick like I was for round 1 in Houston, so I will get more pics and be more active. Of course Johnny Than will be there taking all sorts of awesome pics, so I may wait on them.  Out.

Friday, August 10, 2012

TRG112 Prototype

I smurfed this from the TRG Blog this morning after I saw it on Facebook. Google translated.

Has decided to publish the image of F1 new machine was advancing a new concept in the TRG. The image of the test machine TRG112-Proto. The driver is easy to control the direction and pitching direction to roll over the entire machine significantly narrow the characteristics was finished. F1 is the case of interference occurred with the road surface even if the vehicle height is higher in TRG112 Proto, interference with the road surface does not occur due to the mosquito narrow to the utmost limit has been achieved very smooth cornering. Please expect in the test results because it was very good. Usually equipped with batteries that rapidly became popular, of course, etc. YOKOMO GT500 also supports short Lipo. Using the short Lipo has been done in America, Europe was also quick to respond to the F1 race. * We can also be mounted to the body of the 104 other types of narrow type. Will continue to publish even more on the blog shortly

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wild hair

So I got a wild hair a couple of weeks ago and decided to buy some ceramic diff balls for my F1R. $10 for a set of diff balls, I was crazy at the time. Or so I thought. Man, I can tell you this now, at $10 a set, I'm getting them for all my cars. That much of an improvement, plus if your like me ( and I hope you arent) and you go through spur gears fast enough, they will pay for them selves in no time. You dont have to change them out every time you strip a spur. I stripped 3 a couple of weeks ago ( I know). Ceramic balls are a Godsend. Smooth as a baby's butt. And you dont have to pay $10 a set like I did either. MantisWorx over at RCShox sells em for $7.99, also has carbide and sets of sealed ceramic bearings for the rest of the car! I will see him this weekend in Austin for the series, and Im sure I will leave with a set or 2.

First lap of paving complete in Austin

Progress at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas - venue for November’s 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - has reached another milestone.

Last week saw construction crews lay the final piece of base course and complete the entire first layer of pavement around the 5.516-kilometre track, the first purpose-built Formula One facility in the USA.

This process is referred to as ‘marrying the track’ and took place from Turn 20, through the starting grid and up the hill to Turn 1.

About three metres of Central Texas clay was excavated the entire length of the circuit. A black poly material 30 millimetres in thickness was then placed along the length of the excavated portion. This material acts as an envelope for layers of select fill to be placed so that it remains exactly in place.

track details

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3Racing Front Double Wishbone Suspension System

Coming in September.

New for the FGX is the new front suspension system featuring double wishbones with independent friction dampers plus anti roll bar and droop adjustments. Adding another realistic F1 like component to the FGX, the new suspension features laydown dampers with pushrod and rocker arms exactly like real F1 cars.

- Upper and Lower Double Wishbone Suspension Arms
- Dual Independent Laydown Friction Dampers
- Pushrod and Rocker Arm system like real F1 race cars
- Dual Coil Springs
- Anti Roll Bars Adjustments
- Droop Adjustments
- Camber Adjustments
- Caster Adjustments

Monday, August 6, 2012

3racing F113 Wings

3Racing says that both their new F113 front and rear wings will be available this week.