Wednesday, September 28, 2011

F109-K4 2.0

Did some more tonight, mainly adding parts I picked up from a buddy. Did the side spring mod as well. This car is tall. Ride height is probably double the F109 with the 103 tires. I will have to figure the front end out. I have never messed with the 104 frontend. Looks like I ll be on rctech and alot learning it. I believe ride height is adjustable on this frontend. It needs to be, Im probably sitting at 8mm right now. I dropped the rear as much as possible now. But still prettty tall. Ill work on it. Could possible run it this weekend. just need a couple more bits.

Monday, September 26, 2011

F109 K4

OK , I reaquired an F109 chassis that I had sold a few months ago. We scavenged parts off of it so its not complete. Mostly no front end, and a few other pieces. I bought an F104 front end a few weeks ago to try on my F109. But now I dont have to use my main car. I dont know if I want call this a build log, but basically I guess it is. With less details. There will be some other mods done to it that I have either read on the net, or just did myself to simplify things. First things first: the F104 front end.
Fits right on in the place of the F103 front end just like it should. I had the modify the servo mounts to add the rear ball link for the arms.
I will have to figure out another way to get the battery in an out, because the front mount of upper deck is secured now. Will probably go through the middle post. I also need kingpins, which I may have this week. On the rear shock mount I have used 3/4 inch bolts intstead of the 8mm's so I have more room to adjust shock mount height front or rear.
Thats all for now, I need to get more parts, the rear dampener isnt complete, kingpins, steering blocks, left rear wheel hub, and of course F104 wheels and tires. Im sure theres some more. But looking good so far. Hoping to get this on the track in a couple of weeks, and also for it to be used by those "F1 curious" types up at the track.
I will go in this week and look at the front end and make sure I have it all even. Its kinda "just in there" right now. Im sure I will need to adjust the way I mounted the rear arm, I stumbled through that little mod, and I know its not up to spec. Its definitley not Tamiya stock.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ahhhh raceday!

Well I made it. Barely. 3 weeks from racing or any track time was almost more than I could bare. And I almost didnt go today after all, night shift killing my sleep. I had a buddy sign me up for the racing, so I could show up late. Missed 1st heat. Oh well, sleep is great. 3rd in VTA on the new new layout. Challenging mother it is. But I really like it, has some really slow intricate stuff in it, but has alot of WFO spots too. WFO FTW. Also got the F109 out there with soft Pit Shimizu fronts in place of the mediums. Score. Made one adjustment after the first run, which was to raise the front mount on rear shock about 2mm. And she was pretty good. Atleast she looked good, I didnt get to drive it but one lap before it was liberated from me. Lol. But Spencer and Robert made a buunch of laps with it, and both seemed to enjoy it. Ill take it. Aquired 2nd F109 today, going with the F104 frontend on it first just because. Its in pieces in the Mancave, but its coming along fine. Needs some bits to finish. And need to study up on it to make sure I get the right stuff. Rent a Ride? hehe. Out.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sept 15

Nine more days until I get to put a car on the track. I may die. I need some ozite. I need some boards. I need a new can of Paragon. I need to order me some body posts for the F109 or it will be more than 9 days. I'm on it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pirelli decals

Heres a pic of the Pirelli tires decals on the Shimitzus. These decals are perfect for F104 size tires but with minor tweaking the will work on the F103 size tires. These of course are F103 size tires. Diseregard the Tyrrel 023 disguised as a Ferrari. You know what happens when I get bored.

Im having a manic stage while taking 2 weeks off from racing. One week in. I thought I was handling it well, but evidently with the painting,rewiring, motor switch, more rewiring, another body on order, more parts, more rewiring, etc etc, Im not handling it well at all. Ive got a Mclaren MP4/6 body on the way from The F1 PaintLab . And Ive picked out a couple more items to grab from there too. Wait, I thought it was 2 weeks off. Its 2 weekends off that means 3 weeks total. Oh dear lord what have I done?

Friday, September 9, 2011


I got a few packages in the mail in the last couple of days. With my new job schedule I haven't been able to really do much but will this weekend. First off I got two front ends for the F109: a composite F103 front end and an F104 front end. The composite will be put on soon, but the F104 will be cut up and modded a la RobK's in his blog.
I also received a 21.5 Hacker motor, another steel rear axle, and the speedpassion program box for my VTA esc. I will have brakes finally. Lastly I got a bunch of Pirelli tire decals from a guy out in California. Contact me if your interested, I can give you his email. $10 gets you enough for several sets of tires. Red white or yellow.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

9/3 at Mikes

We had 12 show up for VTA. Best showing ever, by far. Had an A and B. Pretty cool. Qualified 6th, which probably would have oput me in the A but 2 racers left early. So I was #1 in the B, finished 3rd. Good race, I had a chance at first a few times, but I couldnt make a pass. And I didnt want to take him out, I dont want first that bad. Made a couple of mistakes and ended up 3rd. But it was a good race, A main was really good too. The fast guys are here and VTA is really heating up. New layout is sweet, its not as hard as I thought it would be. Too bad its already gone after this week.

We had 4 in F1, and its pretty much just a mess still. Its Racer Robert and then the rest of us. I fixed my handling issues but, it turns out that the change to 17.5 and 1s just isnt going to work. Car handled pretty well, but with my gearing it there was no punch, so I was slow thoughout the infield. And my motor got pretty hot. It may be done. Silvercan is going back in this week. 2 week break from Mikes for me, Short Course Showdown is in a couple of weeks, and Im taking this weekend off. Get this thing situated and hopefully some actually practice laps in during the week. Its coming around, and theres 2 more F1s about to show up. Time to get some rules. Hello UF1 ;)