Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Speed Passion SP-1.1?

I got this on my Facebook feed. Just pics. Little info. BUT, I am working on it. I do know it comes in a kit and RTR version. Price? No Clue, but I'm sure more than competitive. More to follow, hopefully.

More Speed Passion SP-1 Pro.

Honest Injun, I haven't even run mine. I don't have a motor or a servo yet. Decided not to gut the Exotek F1Ultra because that car is just incredible. So of course I painted bodies to kill some time and we all saw how badly that worked out. Last night I got to looking at the SP-1 and although I "thought" I followed the instructions to the letter, I skipped some letters, basically the front and rear widths. I had rear about 184mm where I wanted it,but the front was 200mm. Luckily the fix is simple and I have some pics from RCTech to show some of it. I did have to cut about 3mm from upper arm and one of the plastic ballcup linkages to do it, but wire cutters are my friend. Heres some pics from Solara et al at RCTech. This mostly the 180mm conversion. Its simple as can be. Even a CaveTC can do it.

                 Note with upgraded aluminium caster block you wont need to drill holes here

Monday, May 15, 2017

Last One.

Taking a break from painting it is getting ridiculous. Two bodies this weekend, 12 hours each, and instead of getting better, they are not. So gotta take a break and actually go out to the track and run these cars. I haven't been on a track in 2 years and I haven't been on carpet in almost 4.

Niki Lauda's 1984 World Championship McLaren MP4/2. Of course they sent me the decals of the MP4/5, MP4/5B and MP4/6. So it is NOT powered by Honda, or probably not Shell either. But I got what I got. I used about 4 different decal sheets just to do Lauda's helmet

                                   At least it doesn't look like Scottie Pippen's NIKE's.
                                      Just to be clear these are not F1RCLab decals.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Road to Hell is Paved with Crappy F1 Bodies

Well it is 99% done. I may or may not add the barge doors. I may or may not add the FGX body accessories. I just don't know. I was so worried about cutting the body, but I did it right. The side pods I kinda goofed on. I really hate side pods. Cutting them, installing them and worst of all putting nice decals on the vicious curves. This was supposed to be my Paved On Road Nats body Labor Day weekend. I don't think its going to do well in Concours. Good news is that it is almost four months away and I can paint another one or two til I get it right. Also I have two "special" bodies on the way from Hong Kong, should be here any day now. Going about as retro as I dare to go with these two. But that is another disaster for another time. Here goes. The 'finished' product. The decals are perfect for the F60 body and wings or any body you can put a shark fin on, I should have but the stripes,bubbles and BWT a little farther back on the pods, but hind sight is 20/20.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SP1 PRO Body Paint and Assembly. Should be a Laugh Riot.

I have been finishing up paint and cutting the F60 body, pods and shark fin all day. This IS NOT a "HOW TO" by any means. First I hate side pods, cutting the body for side pods scares me. But I got away with it this time. Had to get a pep talk from BP before I hacked the body. Thanks BP.

Here goes. This what I'm shooting for. We will see.

Chassis finished, wheels and wings too.

Main body painted, protective cover still on. Thank God.
Also just beginning cutting F60.

Every thing cut out and painted. 

Fitting the Shark Fin and air intake. Holes for body post line up
exactly like the SP-1 body posts.

Some 3Racing FGX goodies for later.

Put Sergio Perez' head on, I'll try and detail body tomorrow. He would like that.

Right side pod on. Shoe Goo every where. I will fix all that up.
Word of advice don't listen to Black Sabbath or Metallica when doing delicate parts. Hard to line up stuff and bang head and air guitar at same time.

Always paint with good ventilation or this could happen to you. No I didn't accidentally paint beard.
It was on purpose, and it's not paint. OR PINK.

Side pods on. Wasn't terrible but I hated it the whole time.
God that's pink. 
These should help a lot. Thanks BP for the pep talk and the decals.
Every thing but the mess came from F1RCLab

More tomorrow, decals and FGX parts to install. And I am out of Tamiya PS-11 Pink paint.

Thanks for stopping by, please follow this blog I'll be using it a lot for a while. Add comments, Be nice.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

SP-1 begining paint.

Teaser. Or time waster. Your call. Just don't hate on my pretty in pink car.

Speed Passion SP-1 PRO

I've got this habit of buying all the new cars from 2013 about when I took a break. So I am 4 years behind. But hey. the cars are cheaper now. Enter the SP-1 Pro, its a slightly updated version of he original, basically they worked a lot of the bugs out and added some aluminium. I added more, I have a problem. But I wont bore you with detailed build stuff but I will post pictures of everytime I thought about taking one. This car built itself, I had some issues on the LM-1 which I thought was the same car with different chassis. Well it kinda is, but unlike the LM-1, the SP-1 has a lot of graphite and an amendment to the manual for changes they came up with when the guys on started building them. Just need to strip the electrics out of the Exotek F1Ultra yet again and install them on the SP-1 and add the CRC premounted tires. Oh and of course paint a body. I got that covered, F60 with 2017 Force India colors. Yes that means pink. Soft light pink. Don't laugh. The decals are excellent.

And that is why I don't do detailed build write ups.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

I am back, where have I been?

Well like the title says I am back and where have I been. For starters Mikes Hobby Super Store and my track closed down a few of years ago. That left us with mo where to race until 2015 when some of the guys put together weekly parking lot  racing which we did for a couple of months. That summer Banana Raceway opened up with a carpet oval. I made the Maiden Race but halfway through I decided that even though I started on oval back in 90s that oval wasn't for me any more. Plus most of my friends weren't there. I took my stuff home and it sat in same spot until March of this year. Last year I caught the Zika virus and the doctors didn't catch it until January, which by that time it had turned into Guillian Burre Syndrome and I was paralyzed from chest down for a week and spent a month in the hospital. I am still recovering and as part of my therapy for the neuropathy and encephalopathy I discovered that building RC kits was a big help not to mention some motivation. The Banana has grown into a full blown hobby shop with a carpet on road and an oval on Fridays. I have built 3 kits and painted a few bodies, plus I have another kit (Speed Passion SP1) on the way from F1R/CLab. Matter of fact all the kits and bodies, parts etc have come from there since March.

I haven't taken anything out to drive yet but that day is coming very soon.

Tamiya TRF101

Tamiya TT02R
Speed Passion LM1

Sakura Xi Sport which I sold 3 days later