Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Andretti First Lap at COTA

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 UF1 Final round at TQ RC Raceway

Final Round UF1 Summer Series

1. Dave Berger
2. Mike Kennedy
3. Tony Phalen

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

rc.F1.blog: Front droop thoughts

rc.F1.blog: Front droop thoughts: I was at the track yesterday, and I had a chance to fool around with my Exotek 104 car. I was trying a lot of front end changes, and one th...

rc.F1.blog: A caster diaster?

rc.F1.blog: A caster diaster?: Another of my rambling from my visit to the track yesterday comes from the Exotek adjustable front end. I finally put my Exotek 104 with th...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

EOS Rained Out

Yeah we got rained out today. Full day of practice yesterday and then a wash out today. Rescheduled for November 11. I don't think I will make that trip. Three trips to Houston, and it rained all 3 times. Too much wasted on hotels and gas this summer. I will be back to being a regular on the carpet for a long while. Maybe if they do another EOS next Summer I will do it again, but not until then. Tired of traveling.

Friday, October 12, 2012

17.5 Exotek F1R (or when boredom strikes)

OK so I'm sitting around last night. I just got my F1R back from Jordan, he took it to Vegas for the IIC. Lucked into a TOP F1 car courtesy of TOP USA and commenced to get 3rd in the A. So I put it back together and got to thinking.

And that is normally when trouble strikes. I already tried the car with a 25.5 on Mikes carpet, it actually wasn't that bad, still had the end of the straight away speed, just no punch. And I will test it some more with a 25.5 until I get another 21.5 for it. But I wont be on the carpet for a couple of weeks at least so I threw in an older LRP Vector X-11 17.5 I had laying around. This motor I thought I may have gotten too hot once before when I was pushing it with a 1 cell pack, I didn't temp it, just felt hot. But its seems fine, and honestly I don't think it was that hot after all.

Anyway, long story back on track but not any shorter..... I tried it out today out on the street in front of the house. 17.5 X-11, Shimizu tires, Black Ferrari F60 and Speed Passion Cirtix Stock Spec esc. First impression. Fast. 2nd impression, I need some brakes. While at Gulfcoast Speedway tomorrow I will toss it out on the big track and test it out some more, ride height was a thrown together/whopping 6 mm for the speed runs lol. I have already changed it to a reasonable 4 mm front 5 mm rear height for a another fun run tonight on the street. And go from there after a few laps tomorrow. Of course that is after I get the Ultra tuned for the real race on Sunday. Simply for fun, but who knows where it will lead too. Its too fast for the carpet track for certain, I mean there is no need for it there at least, 21.5 will be more than ample on the carpet. I don't see 17.5 being any better. But on that big ass Nitro track, should be fun. I think I need to pack the 13.5 motor just in case. LOL. yeah baby.

I'll keep you posted. As well a full blow track report of the EOS sometime early in the week. And maybe even some actual pictures. I know, I keep saying that, one of these days I will come through. Just don't hold your breath. I am really not very trust worthy.

New Yokomo F1 Prototype

No info yet, will be digging around some tonight. Looks like a linked 200mm with camber adjustments like the F109.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Final Round Texas EOS

The F1 Posse will travel once again down to Porter Texas and the big 1/8 scale track at Gulfcoast Hobbies for the final round of the Texas EOS. We have been ready to head back to Porter since we first raced the track back in June. Big, wide and fast. Should be a great final round Sunday. We will be there for Saturday practice, and the EOS Banquet that night for a good casual time and hopefully rake in some prizes at the raffle. Robert is 2nd in the points behind Marcus Williams and needs almost a miracle to pass him on Marcus' home turf. Don't know if we will get a miracle, but we will get some good BBQ which will should be enough. I'm just glad to be part of the team, and hopefully, I can sneak back in the A main again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 IIC F1 Main the Movie

2012 IIC in Vegas F1 A main results

 1      Lightfoot, Charles 25 5:08.068
2 Tam, Tony      25 5:10.200
3 Born, Jordan 25 5:12.872
4 Burgess, Mark 24 5:07.542
5 Kennedy, Mike 24 5:08.410
6 Smyka, Carissa 23 5:01.332
7 Jackson, Steven 23 5:03.191
8 Cannon, Blake 23 5:14.419
9 Ficco, Mario 21 4:33.598
10    Nick Malato 10 2:35.122

I have very few details so far but here is the final results for this years IIC F1 A Main. See alot of familiar names, plus Mike's Hobbys very own Jordan Born made the podium. Very cool to see someone I race with and get beat by on a regular basis do well against the best of the best. We as usual had several Mikes locals at the IIC, and they all did well.

Steve Breuer made the A in Amateur Sedan.
Mike Dumas made the A in Mod Sedan, 13.5 1/12 scale, and Expert 10.5 WGT getting 2nd.
Larry Bradshaw made the B main WGT
and James Lundburg did well in both 17.5 and 13.5 1/12 scale making the C in 13.5 and B main in 17.5.

Congrats to all the Mike guys and to my online buddies, Charles Lightfoot, Mike Kennedy and Brad Palmer for doing well. Expecially Lightfoot, who won the the big show. Congrats Charles!