Friday, August 11, 2017

Exotek IFS

I haven't been to active lately had a personal set back, and I also made a mistake on planning the UltraX so I have to take chassis to the drill press to fit the IFS set, no worries but here is the IFS

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

FrankenUltra 1

Its called FrankenUlrata simple because i haven't come up with a better name. I have moth of the parts except for the front end EXOTEK IFS front end. And it is on the way now. And are bits I need as well as a 25.5 and a servo. I honestly do not know what or when the next shipment come. so basically All I've are parts still. but I have a lo  of them

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

And so it begins...

Brad Palmer from F1RCLab and I have been colluding with each other (and of course the Russians) on a new build. Basically I come up with the idea, and BP either likes it or does a face palm. Well after about a month of likes and facepalms we finally have a car to build. He has the parts, I will acquire them with money, he will ship, I will build, and text him and bug him to death as always. I present to you just a glimpse of the EXOTEK FrankenUltra. I have the chassis conversion, most of rear diff assembly and if I am lucky I have an old F109 (yes still have them) rear pod that might work. IF not I will get another Blue Tamiya pod from BP.

That's what I have so far. Now for the "but", the Exotek F1Ultra (which is my favorite of all my F1s) is an F103 based 200mm car. The FrankenUltra, and I will come up with better name, will be a 190mm car with F104 rear end and tires, and it will have the EXOTEK IFS front end for the hi end F104s. So basically a short wheel base F1 with a 190mm width, super sweet and probably above my intelligence level front end and and when it is done probably the most expensive 5 year old car I could build. But it will be new and fun, and maybe even a bad ass like my 200mm F1Ultra. I may start building tonight but most likely tomorrow, I still have a lot of bits to get. Stay Tuned

New Rocket RC F1

Rocket RC F1

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trying something different

I get bored. What do I do. Well in the best circumstances I build cars. This is one of those. I have acquired an old Exotek F1Ultra still brand new in package from Brad Palmer and F1RCLab . I already have an F1Ultra and to this day since I bought it years ago it remains my favorite and go to car.
  But this Ultra will be different, I am going narrow, with the TRF101 front end F104 sized tires and whatever goodies Brad Palmer is getting together to make this beast. I have some of he parts already, but he is getting some Tuning Haus pieces as well as upgraded aluminium and carbon bits. Will it work? I suspect it will on small and tight indoor tracks. We shall see. Plus an excuse to paint another body. It is what I call a Win/Win situation. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Track day In a Loooong Time

Went to Banana Raceway today, finally, to do some practice in the afternoon before the night time racing program. I am not ready to race but I was definitely ready to hit the track, I ran my old Exotek Ultra first, and just took it easy for a few laps, until I was cutting a second per lap but still off the pace and overgeared. But man alive I love the CRC Black carpet. I wasn't trying for fast laps or nothing just feeling it out, then brushed a board at the incredible speed of .001 mph and shattered, yes shattered front wing off the Ebay MP4/2. Two things I didn't bring to track, extra front wing was one of the 2. But I was happy, it was great being on track it really was. So next I got out the TRF101. And immediately found out #2 on list of things I should have brought. Soldering iron. Einstein here shortened the esc wires this week and then soldered wire A to slot C and vice versa. Doh. Borrowed iron from the hobby shop up front and "fix"it. Did a couple of laps, noticed transponder wasn't transponding or whatever so I fixed that. First timed lap of TRF101 matched fastest lap of the ULTRA. Again, I'm still not going at it, just feeling it out, then traction rolled and knocked off one of the wires I "fixed" and decided that was enough for the day. I have been up since 11am yesterday and I was pretty beat, at least too tired to to be efficient at any thing. So I didn't put SP-1 on track because I still havent found diff balls for the 64p spurs and honestly didn't feel like rebuilding a diff. I was happy, and I left happy, and after 34 hours straight of being awake I'm still happy, maybe delirious a bit, but happy. I have things to do this week. Change SP1 to 64p, easy. Maybe adjust ride height on it, it a little high in front. But the TRF is the same as when I built it, I will have to add some speed to it before I know what needs to be adjusted. I know I need to at least drop several teeth on the pinion for 25.5. And I need a real Tamiya front wing for F103 in white. Good to be back.
                                                     You shattered the wing? Yes.
                                                         Let's GO!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Been Awhile

I have been away for a few weeks, I did three paint jobs in one weekend and blew it on all of them. And seriously wanted to give up. I still haven't had a chance to get to track, but hopefully I will this weekend. I finally painted a body that I am happy with. I went semi simple with "one" color but really there is three. Used Tamiya PS34 bright red as a base, backed with white and then painted the black onoutside of body by using over spray film as a mask. Works great. Now here it  is my Ferrari 643 from 1991 with the Fake Alain Prost. Fits great on my Tamiya TRF101 CLASSIC BODIES FOREVER

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Speed Passion SP-1.1?

I got this on my Facebook feed. Just pics. Little info. BUT, I am working on it. I do know it comes in a kit and RTR version. Price? No Clue, but I'm sure more than competitive. More to follow, hopefully.

More Speed Passion SP-1 Pro.

Honest Injun, I haven't even run mine. I don't have a motor or a servo yet. Decided not to gut the Exotek F1Ultra because that car is just incredible. So of course I painted bodies to kill some time and we all saw how badly that worked out. Last night I got to looking at the SP-1 and although I "thought" I followed the instructions to the letter, I skipped some letters, basically the front and rear widths. I had rear about 184mm where I wanted it,but the front was 200mm. Luckily the fix is simple and I have some pics from RCTech to show some of it. I did have to cut about 3mm from upper arm and one of the plastic ballcup linkages to do it, but wire cutters are my friend. Heres some pics from Solara et al at RCTech. This mostly the 180mm conversion. Its simple as can be. Even a CaveTC can do it.

                 Note with upgraded aluminium caster block you wont need to drill holes here

Monday, May 15, 2017

Last One.

Taking a break from painting it is getting ridiculous. Two bodies this weekend, 12 hours each, and instead of getting better, they are not. So gotta take a break and actually go out to the track and run these cars. I haven't been on a track in 2 years and I haven't been on carpet in almost 4.

Niki Lauda's 1984 World Championship McLaren MP4/2. Of course they sent me the decals of the MP4/5, MP4/5B and MP4/6. So it is NOT powered by Honda, or probably not Shell either. But I got what I got. I used about 4 different decal sheets just to do Lauda's helmet

                                   At least it doesn't look like Scottie Pippen's NIKE's.
                                      Just to be clear these are not F1RCLab decals.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Road to Hell is Paved with Crappy F1 Bodies

Well it is 99% done. I may or may not add the barge doors. I may or may not add the FGX body accessories. I just don't know. I was so worried about cutting the body, but I did it right. The side pods I kinda goofed on. I really hate side pods. Cutting them, installing them and worst of all putting nice decals on the vicious curves. This was supposed to be my Paved On Road Nats body Labor Day weekend. I don't think its going to do well in Concours. Good news is that it is almost four months away and I can paint another one or two til I get it right. Also I have two "special" bodies on the way from Hong Kong, should be here any day now. Going about as retro as I dare to go with these two. But that is another disaster for another time. Here goes. The 'finished' product. The decals are perfect for the F60 body and wings or any body you can put a shark fin on, I should have but the stripes,bubbles and BWT a little farther back on the pods, but hind sight is 20/20.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SP1 PRO Body Paint and Assembly. Should be a Laugh Riot.

I have been finishing up paint and cutting the F60 body, pods and shark fin all day. This IS NOT a "HOW TO" by any means. First I hate side pods, cutting the body for side pods scares me. But I got away with it this time. Had to get a pep talk from BP before I hacked the body. Thanks BP.

Here goes. This what I'm shooting for. We will see.

Chassis finished, wheels and wings too.

Main body painted, protective cover still on. Thank God.
Also just beginning cutting F60.

Every thing cut out and painted. 

Fitting the Shark Fin and air intake. Holes for body post line up
exactly like the SP-1 body posts.

Some 3Racing FGX goodies for later.

Put Sergio Perez' head on, I'll try and detail body tomorrow. He would like that.

Right side pod on. Shoe Goo every where. I will fix all that up.
Word of advice don't listen to Black Sabbath or Metallica when doing delicate parts. Hard to line up stuff and bang head and air guitar at same time.

Always paint with good ventilation or this could happen to you. No I didn't accidentally paint beard.
It was on purpose, and it's not paint. OR PINK.

Side pods on. Wasn't terrible but I hated it the whole time.
God that's pink. 
These should help a lot. Thanks BP for the pep talk and the decals.
Every thing but the mess came from F1RCLab

More tomorrow, decals and FGX parts to install. And I am out of Tamiya PS-11 Pink paint.

Thanks for stopping by, please follow this blog I'll be using it a lot for a while. Add comments, Be nice.