Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race Day!!

The Nationals hangover is over. There was no local carpet action last week so none of us have had any F1 action. We have 9 planning on racing with a possible 10th, plus whoever else shows up. Some of these guys haven't had an F1 on track in 3 or more weeks. There will be a couple of first time F1'rs plus the debut of the F104W GP as well. Should be a great day of F1 racing. I am still waiting on the Speed Merchant World GT3 to show, scheduled for tomorrow. So I have come up with an evil/ingenious plan to get my wife to bring it to me: I volunteered to take our 3 year old with me to the track for the first half of the day. And since she is coming all the way out there to pick him up anyway.... might as well bring my new toy. So simple. I will have a damage report Saturday night.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Race World Hawaii 17.5TC Aug 14, 2011 TA06 setup run

*DISCLAIMER- I didnt watch this video before I posted it. So if the race isnt cool, sorry. But look at that track! That, my friends, is cool. Its not flat any where, I would love it.

Robert Paints

My buddy Racer Robert has been busy lately. Not only building the F104W GP this week, but he has found the time to paint up a few bodies. Hes much too modest to post them, but I'm not. Sorry bud, these are going live!

First up is an F103 Williams body. Done up nicely of course.

Next up is the Tyrell for the F104W GP

And finally his WGT ride, I think its a DB9. Either that or a Sophia. I am too new to the WGT cars to tell the difference.

And just to add to this, he finished 5th in the F1 A Main at the Nationals, and topped that with a 4th in the 17.5 1/12 B Main, out of over 60! I'm impressed. He's kicking some tail. The pride of the Posse!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exotek FGX lower arm braces.

The newest of the MUST HAVE FGX hop ups is out. Seriously, must have. I wish they would have come out about 2 weeks ago. I wouldn't have sold my FGX. Broken lower arms kept my McKune FGX out of the Nats. I got 3 laps in during practice before I snapped the lower arms. Was the 3rd set of lowers in as many weeks. Thes lower supports  along with the link front end should bullet proof the FGX for the most part. Thank you Exotek! Get them HERE!


In my never ending quest to be the oddball everywhere I go, I decided to go with the McAllister Ferrari 599 Fiorano body on my SpeedMerchant in WGT instead of the DB9 or the Sophia on a CRC like everyone else. Always good to have preempted excuses for losing. (I'm kidding!) If you have the means, I highly recommend one.

Tamiya F104WGP Build pics

Racer Robert is working on a Tamiya F104W GP Edition for one of the guys at Mikes. He was gracious enough to send me some pics of the build. He says that all the blue parts are not standard. While the new steering knuckles are gorgeous black anodized aluminium that are not going to break. Looks like a good piece of kit. I will grab a set of the steering knuckles and axles myself when I get the 200mm going again.

Monday, March 26, 2012

SpeedMerchant World GT3

The World GT class at the Nats made an impression on me. There is a WGT class starting up at Mikes for the Summer Series, and I'm getting in on it. I started in RC with 1/10 pan cars, and its about time I get back in one. So I have just ordered a SpeedMerchant World GT 3hree. Hope to have it by weeks end. This car won the WGT Carpet National Championship with Donny Lia. Mike Dumas also drives one. And now I will. Mostly CRC cars up at Mikes, but I had a SM Rev6 last year and really liked it. Plus I talked with Bruce Carbone and Donny Lia at the Nats, and they were just straight up cool dudes. That is important in my book. I will of course post up everything I can on this car when I get it. Dont worry, F1 is still my main focus, but like I said, WGT made an impression. And I had to get one. Sold the FGX to get it, going to a good home in Houston. With a bigger, wide open, and F1 friendly Nitro track to roam free.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

TOP Rebel R1 Prototype testing

TOP Racing are currently working on a Rebel F-1 prototype that was tested during the KRC track opening race in Shenzhen/China. Penny Yip TQ’d and won the F-1 class followed by Frank Ng. TOP will now make use of the experience gained at the race and make further design refinements to the vehicle. Based on the final testing in Japan, TOP may release it for production.

As for the track opening race, TOP drivers also attended in the 1/10 scale electric touring class with the upcoming Photon EX touring car equipped with a couple of preproduction parts. Penny Yip qualified 3rd and finished 2nd with Vincent Yip and K. Lee qualified 6th and 7th.

from RedRC

Thursday, March 22, 2012

RS5 F1 RDK KOREA-conversion

The RS5 Formula 1 car is pure high tech! RC Nieuws

2012 UF1 Summer Season

The 2012 UF1 Summer Season kicks off this weekend at the Western Australian GP. New for this season is the Team Championship in which teams compete for points as well as the individual points championship. Team colors are mandatory, cars painted the same with minor distinguishing differences, matching shirts are cool but not mandatory.

10 Teams for this season...
Lotus : Mike K / Tony P
Redbull 1 : Charles L / Doug R
Mclaren : Earl B / Steven J
Mercedes : Mike R / Roger L
Sauber : Hayato M / Hiroyuki K
Force India : Roy T / Charles M
Lotus Caterman : Craig H / Mark G
Ferrari : Marcos W / Bill L
Redbull 2 : John M / Michael M
Repsol Honda : Fred M / Dave B

More info here on the Official UF1 site.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

more Facebook

TC does RC is now on Facebook. That is all.

Random Pics

Some random shots a friend of mine took at the Nats Sunday.


My moment of glory lol. I got 3rd. hehe. Was fun. I am still worn out from the weekend. No racing for me for a couple of weeks. I still haven't unpacked my gear.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nats- brief debrief

Im tired. Plumb tired. Great weekend. A lot of good racing and met a lot of great people. Long story short, Tony Phalen is your 2012 ROAR F1 Carpet National Champion. Now as usual, its not that simple. There is a story there, and there is a race in the middle of that story. But until I see the video, I won't go into the details. I will say that it was one hell of a race. I cannot wait to see it again. I had to marshal it, so I didn't get to watch it as close. I will post some pics of the trophies and all. Enjoy.

Cristian Tabush TQ

Mike Kennedy, Robert Bremer and Mario Ficco

3rd Karl Hoffmeister, 1st Tony Phalen, 2nd Kody Knutdson

Congrats to all. First F1 ROAR National Championship race in many years!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nats day 3

Final day of qualifiers wrapping up here. I am done, but Concours, main postings potential practice and maybe some other stuff coming up so I'm sticking around. A lot of great racing so far and I will get to that in a day or 2. I will say I did about what I expected so far, but still have a B main tomorrow, and it has really been a lot of fun. On road is good.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Check in and set up day at the Nats

Today was set up day and pre tech for this weekends races. Pre Tech did not go off with out a hitch because 4 out of the 5 F1s I saw teched (mine included) did  not make width. Plus my batteries in which I swear I saw on the ROAR list when I ordered them were not on the legal list now. Thank goodness for Double D, he saved me again with a loaner ThunderPower 5600. My F1R is now legal, and back down to 180mm and my MFX should be legal in the morning when I borrow some Tires on stock rims from Robert. Ride rims are a bit wider, when I rough measured both cars with a tape measure and a standard to metric conversion chart, both were 187/188 mm. But in the official box, no dice. Its exact, and I am a half a sidewall over on the rear of both cars. But as I said, I'm legal in one car tonight and should be legal in the other in the morning. So I am not sweating it. Took a few random pics tonight, nothing in particular, but I did act like a fan and take a pic of Phalen and Kennedy. I know, I know, lets just say I was in awe of the situation of the Nats and it was basically rookie orientation day. Looks like we will have 13-15 F1s. Practice starts in 6.5 hours. And its an hour drive. No sleep tonight after wrenching for 2 hours when I got home. I'm gonna go watch P2 in Australia and drink a lot of Dr. Pepper for then next 24 hours.

Team Lotus - T Phalen and M Kennedy

Tech line

Tech line again


Track drivers left

Team X Ray and RC America Pits

Track drivers right

Mid track

The Cool Table.