Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exotek F1Ultra F103 conversion


Looks like its going to get busy folks. Exotek has added an F103 conversion. This will keep the F103 shorter wheelbase. Designed for shorty packs, and comes with the bellcrank steering system that is extra on the F1R. I of course am in love for the first time today! Just when I thought it was safe to tell my wife I wont spend any more money on cars.....its not. So, after the Nats, I will have to have one. For my F109 of course.

And FGX owners, the Exotek FGX conversion (EFX) comes out tomorrow. So definitely stay tuned.

MD FGX Carbon Fiber chassis conversion kit

McKune has done it, the conversion is done, and ready to ship. I will have mine in a few days, as will Robert. We cannot wait to check it out. But here is the post from Troy McKune on RCTech.


I will have more pictures up this week that show the multiple configurations. The last bit of development I did was not posted post but here is the update. The kit comes with 2 upper tie plates, regular and stiff. These allow you to adjust the flex of the chassis from regular, stiffer, and stiffest. The stiff version uses countersunk screws and has an optional screw to tie it in further back on the top deck. Another addition is the 3rd pair of tape slots and clearance for the use of "Shorty" 7.4v Lipo packs. I am currently working on pictures of this in use. The front wing mount raises the front wing 2mm over stock. I have found that depending on rear droop and ride height the front wing drags when the front suspension is compressed under braking. You can lower it back to stock with shims.

I am currently machining kits. The last remaining order of spacers, screws, and standoffs should be here by Wednesday. I hope to have the instructions done and kits starting to ship by Wednesday as well.

Here is a picture of the kit.

Here is the link to Preorder:

If you have any questions or run in to any trouble with the new store send me a PM, email, or call. My office number and email are on my website.


RSector Wide conversion

I  installed the 190mm conversion last night on my F1R. And since I still do not have the F104 Pro diff I had to go guerrilla on part of it. Pro diff is on the way via TQ, but my work around was to get a 5mm wide bearing and place it on the axle between the tire and the hub. So simple it cant possibly work. Either genius or lunatic, take your pick. But it is only temporary as I will have the pro diff installed by the weekend. I am stir crazy from lack of track time, I can only clean tires so many times before I start tinkering. All tires are clean by the way. Any way, conversion does look good, had a couple of issue which were remedied easily. Number one, the steering blocks were too tight and I couldn't get the F104 kingpin in them. I am pretty sure that its just the plating that is causing it. I didn't drill them out, instead I just used the blocks that I had on the car already. I will talk to RSector and see if that is the case before I do anything. I do want to use the RSector blocks as they are machined instead of the plastic Tamiya blocks. Another issue I had was a bit of play in the left hub, I couldn't tighten the nut all the way snug, put a .5 mm shim and all is well. No tract tests of course, but they will come soon. The set up has already been proven by Mike Kennedy, so I wont find anything new I am sure. Here is a look.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Houston Posse practice at RCH

The Houston bunch got together today for practice at RC Hobbies. They look good don't they? Planning a trip south to race with them in a couple of weeks. Hopefully there will be no rain that weekend.

   No F1 at Mikes this week or next. The Annual Big Foot Challenge off road gig is next weekend, carpet will be shut down for awhile. So my next carpet race will be at the Nats.

  Still haven't decided on what car I'm racing. FGX or F1R, depends on the McKune chassis. If I have it, I will race it. If not, I will race the F1R with the RSecor Widetrack conversion. I have my shopping cart at TQ full and ready with the necessary gear for either car. Just waiting.

Tamiya F104W GP released

It has finally been released. Banzai Hobby has it for $250 US. Tower shows order pending still.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New from The F1 Paintlab

BP is releasing a new decal sheet soon, Jordan 7up from 91 that Shumacher debuted at Spa that year. This body along with a turnkey custom built by BP F103 is on the way to Houston for one of their drivers. Chassis by D Drive.

F1 A3 Main at Nats warm up on Feb. 19

A3 Main at the Nats warm up. Christian Jones and Robert Bremer putting on a driving clinic. Excellent race guys.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Adjustable Metal Upright - F104


These are the uprights that are included as standard parts for item 84262 F104W GP Edition. These uprights allow the user to alter two settings; the axle shaft position and the trail position can be changed. These adjustments enable fine adjustments to match track conditions. Left and right uprights are asymmetric, so more settings are possible by switching the left and right uprights or installing spacers. In addition, each upright has 3 steering rod attachment positions to change steering response. The included spacers allow ground clearance adjustment as well.
Specs and Features
Aluminum Upright A (Blue) x 1
Aluminum Upright B (Blue) x 1
Screws, spacers, and ball connectors also included.
Compatible with F103, F104, and RM-01 chassis machines.

Formula One 2nd Qualifier Race at Nats Warm-up Race on Saturday, Feb. 17...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Track/Shop in Houston

RCH in Cypress Texas, is starting F1 racing March 4

Houston Posse Pics

The Houston F1 bunch has gone bonkers in a matter of weeks. I thought the local DFW crowd was nuts, but after poor showing this weekend, I'm positive we cant touch the Houston Posse. Me and Racer Robert are planning a trip down in a couple of weeks to race with them. Here is some pics I lifted off their forum.

This is what its all about

UF1 Winter series final race. I hope to have that many F1s at the Nats, but I doubt it. Way to go UF1, the class of the class.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nats warmup update.

I suck. And hardly anyone showed. 5 F1s 6 VTAs. 1/12 and sedan are strong 2 heats each. Nice showing. Hope this isn't an omen for next month.

2/18-2/19 Nats Warm Up at Mikes

  This weekend is the Nats warm up at Mikes. It is supposed to be a semi big event combined with the regular Saturday race schedule. Not a whole lot of buzz about it, that may be because I haven't been at the track a lot lately to hear it, or people are just silently working themselves into a frenzy. With that said, should be a long day at the track tomorrow. Four qualifiers on Saturday and the Mains on Sunday. I'm of course in F1 class and will be hitting the VTA as well. With a sever lack of practice I have little hope of doing well, but that has never stopped me from trying. So I will be at it bright and early trying to get ready and some track time before Q1.

  And on that note I have something new to try this weekend. I have the new R Sector wide-track conversion for the F104, this will widen the car to the legal maximum of 190mm. Mike Kennedy just set track record and won the UF1 Winter series using it. So it is proven, but alas, so is he. I do have one issue, in that I have the old style F103 diff housing. I cant use the conversion with it, so hopefully I can get a spare F104 diff housing before the races start, and get it on my car. I just got it today, express mail from Hong Kong. Wont take long to install, just the left side wheel stopper, right side hub, and the front uprights. The kit is nice, its all machined. No plastic anywhere to be found. I'm super pumped I get to try it out. If by some chance I don't get a hold of another hub, I will loan it out to Jordan or Robert or maybe even Alex if he is there to test. And I will have a full report sometime after the races.

  VTA is somewhat of an unknown. I haven't raced VTA since November, and my car is totally different than it was then. Front spool mainly. I use a spool on VRC-Pro so I have some background in it, and I did take the Zero out on the track for a few laps between rounds a couple of weeks ago. But as far as set up....not so much. I will be wrenching that thing all weekend. I have a general idea of what I'm going to do, but may not get into it much before the first couple of heats. Regardless, the goal for both classes is the A Main. Time will tell. Stay tuned Sunday or early Monday for results, regardless.

Friday, February 17, 2012

More from McKune - Rev 4.1

Who better to tell you whats going on with the McKune Design FGX conversion that the Man himself. My usual copy/paste of an RCTech post. I can't wait to get mine.

"Prototype Rev 4.1

Had an OH DUH moment. I broke the front nose on Sunday. I was trying to buy another and realized I had to buy the entire top deck assembly to get it. This led to me realizing that I can add a separate replaceable front carbon nose and attach it with the stiffener plate. This eliminates the need for the front machined nose mount part. Which because of its multiple setups and tapping was a much more expensive part. I raised the height of the wing a couple of mm for more clearance but it can be easily lowered with spacers.

Testing went very well tonight with my fastest lap in qualifying since I started. We run 3 minute quals with fastest lap determining your qualifying. I turned a 14.6 in both Q1 and Q2. Between rounds I did an experiment and added more front camber and sauced the entire front. The car became very on edge, very hard to drive, and fast as hell. I was able to run some 14.4s and one 14.294. The fastest Formula 1 lap every turned on this track at Timezone. Our class is becoming more like real F1 as we are leaning toward on edge qualifying setups and more stable drivable 10 minute main setups. Very cool. Now we just need to add a Q3 for the top 6 or so cars with a reset and we can all geek out.

Getting closer."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warm-Up Layout

This is a webcam shot of the track layout for this weekends' Nats Warm Up at Mikes Hobby Shop in Carrollton. Should be a challenging track, no time to rest, and always seem to be turning. Best layout I have seen since I started on the carpet. Looking forward to it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

McKune FGX conversion Prototype Rev 4.0

Prototype Rev 4.0

Design and Machined new narrower chassis. Reduced width by 5mm per side. Electronics can still be mounted flat. it is basically the stock width but does not cut in like stock.

Design and machined new top deck with clearance for either stock or aftermarket aluminum steering rack. Machined new optional stiffener plate which raises upper front arms to stock height and allows you to adjust front flex.

New FR4/G10 composite front nose mount. The production version will be black.

ETA 2/27/12
Price: Undeternined

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tamiya F104W GP release

Well I hear from a source at Mike's Hobby Shop that the F104WGP is supposed to come out this week. He is pretty excited because he already ordered one. The rest of us are excited because we want to see one.

Nats Body, in progress

This is what I have so far for my Nats car livery. No surprise here, I went old school body and a version of the Marlboro car. Body is a Tamiya Mclaren MP4/5b. Decals are D Drive from the F1paintlab. Same 90's F1 decal sheet as I used on my brothers F109/ Nigel Mansell 92 Williams car. And I still have the entire Ferrari side to go. And all this goes on top of my Exotek F1R chassis. Its not done. I still need to re-do the helmet for Senna. This helmet has been on so many cars, started out on the VTA, then the F109 bodies, both F109s actually. Last was on the original body I had on the FGX.  I also still need to do some trimming and touch ups. But here is a preview of it. I like it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

RSector Widetrack Conversion

This will put the F104 to 190mm while running the pit tires/wheels. And 200mm also, if you run the 103 rears and extra wide front axles. Coming soon.

FGX F1 Radio Controlled Race Car POV @ Timezone II Hobbies Raceway LaCen...

Thursday Night Thunder up at Timezone II.

RCF Round 13 - FGX CUP A Main R1 and R2

Busy week.

I've been banished to the night shift at work and working on the other site a lot this week as well. No time for racing this week. Not even a lot of time to cruise the forums and find out any thing new popping up. With the Nats warm up race next weekend, and the Nats a month later, the blog will be busy. Thanks for stopping by. Also I have my eyes wide open looking for anything to do with the new Tamiya F104GP, one of the guys has one ordered at Mikes. Hope to see something soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The F1 Posse

I started a new website, The F1 Posse. The site will be totally separate from this blog, and hopefully will have different or at least expanded content.

Check it out. I hope to do some good things. Set ups, cars, driving tips, all the good stuff that I occasionally throw on here. But all in an easy to navigate site. I also hope to have an online store with F1 bits, and maybe down the line some original F1 Posse line of parts and what not. That is all in the future. Right now it is just starting. And I will be looking for all the rich creamy goodness of RC F1 to put there. If you have info, pics, race information, send it in. Have a store or product, send me a link and some info. I want every possible bit of RC F1 on the site. I want to help keep F1 going strong, not just at my track but everywhere. This BLOG will keep doing the same things it's been doing, hopefully better. Looks like people are actually reading this crap.

F1/ VTA Mikes 2/4

Q2 from this past weekend. And a special appearance by none other than "the walking hobby shop", Randy Novak.

Q3 VTA and Q3 of F1

F1 A Main
At the end of the A main, about 15-20 seconds before the buzzer, you can see my F1R hit some debris and flip in the middle of the screen. A strip of lead had fallen off another car and I picked it up the hard way. But at least it was entertaining.

And a special thanks to "Sharpie" for recording and posting up all the videos. He's a one man show.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Racing 2/4

  Big on road class at Mikes today. I don't know how many for each class, but we had 10 in F1. Track was full, my F1R was awesome, I know this because I let Racer Robert and Spencer both run laps in it. And I saw it. Didn't look near as good when I ran it, but it felt good when I had a good lap or two in a row. Two weeks off and a new track didn't help, but I am not going to pretend I am very good any way. Traction is way up. I went back to the Medium F3 Shimizu's and still had a couple of traction rolls. I settled for 1/4 turn out of the side springs from where I started and that seemed to do the trick. I believe I had the side springs "just" touching before. Very quick into the turn and stuck coming out. Quickly settled into my usual +1 second/lap slower than Racer Robert and the other podium dudes. I just didn't have it today, never could get comfortable on the stand, with the new layout, or all the cars on the track. Never got a rhythm going.  So that is on me, car is great.  Qualified 7th finished about the same.

I also took my "new and improved" VTA car and the FGX. The Zero I think may be back. I didn't sign up for VTA because I didn't have any track time with the new spool plus, I just didn't wanna. But I did get some practice laps in between rounds, and I think I have it back under control. So next time I race, I will probably sign up for VTA. Track report on the Zero and new upgrades: nice. The new shocks really seemed to be the difference, the bounce was gone, the Zero felt good again. And as for the new solid axle, it is different, and will take a little getting used too, but I already like it. Could step on it sooner after getting into the turn it seemed. Wish I spent more time on the track with it, but time wasn't something I had in great supply. I was able to make a couple of quick adjustments to front and rear ride height, and the Zero settled down after the initial few laps of being twitchy and darty.

Now for that damned FGX. Still like it. (Happy Face) I didn't break anything on it, and I ran the thing for a full pack. Seriously, battery was near shut off stage and motor was pretty hot when I took it off the track, I ran a few laps*, then went and got Spencer to take it for some more laps**. He was interested in a back up for the cheater Corally. (which is a SWEET little ride BTW) And I believe he was more than happy with the FnGX. Speed wise notsomuch, but handling, yes. On the straights it just doesn't have the speed, but as you know, it eats up everything else in the infield***.

* about 15-20 laps.
** about 40-50 laps.
*** If it doesn't splinter into tiny bits

So all in all, a good day at the track. Cars were great, though my driving was even more mediocre than normal. No broken parts and I didn't spend a shit-ton of money either. I still got enough left to donate to TQ. Great day at the track.

  Now, off to the Man Cave. I have an F109 to put together for Le Mans class C!!! Have to see what all I need to order to finish the Le Mans F109, and and get started on the other F109. A man's work is never done, in the Man Cave LOL. See ya.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ferrari 2012 Launch

Zero Upgrades

In my boxes from TQ, I also got several new bits for the Sakura Zero S. In fact, I have put enough upgrades on this car that I believe its closer to a Sakura Zero than the S model. Whatever, I still call it the Zero. I am tempted to put a big red Meatball on the doors instead of numbers, but I digress, that's not why we are here.

First up I bought the solid front axle parts. I have never run a solid axle with the exception of racing on VRC. But most of the guys in sedans at Mike's run them. And since I sold me CRC Gen Xi to Racer Robert, I had some money to spend at TQ. So I now have a spool. Simple installation. Just take out the gear diff, assemble the spool and put it in. Done. Simple. Down and dirty.

Next up, I bought the aluminium front bulkhead. TQ was out of the top part, so I am still using the plastic there. Again, simple installation.

And last but not least, a new aluminium shock set. The old ones had seen better days and were leaking pretty bad. Plus they used plastic clips for adjustments. New ones use the threaded ones. And for less than $30 for the whole set, it was an easy decision.

Exotek F1R upgrade night.

I got 2 shipments from TQ RC Racing this week. Today's box. among other things, brought me the Yeah! Racing Aluminium rear pod. Cheaper than the the Tamiya or even 3racing pod, and it is a one piece unit. Works on the F103 or F104. OF course it wasn't a simple cut and dry slap it on upgrade since I'm using the Exotek. It doesn't have the holes on the side of the pod to mount the side dampener. So I attached it to the top of the pod. I think it will work OK. I have even movement both directions. Here are some pics.

Also got an FGX body and a Mclaren MP4/5b for the F1R. Yeah baby!