Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb 9 F1 Racing at Mikes.


Had started trying to pump up the attendance every couple of weeks at Mikes. Want to get at least one all hands on deck race a month with the F1 guys. Most of the time we are sporadic at showing up with between 4-6 F1 a race day. We expected 13 this weekend but life got in the way of 3 of them and the Post Office got in the way of 2 more, so we had 8. Good turnout, not great, but good. Me and Robert drove our new F1Rs most of the day, but we finished with our Ultras. OK he finished, I actually never did lol. As per usual, Robert stole the show, and the rest fought for the rest. And fight we did. Very close quarters racing on the new layout, and most of us are about the same speed so it makes for really good races. The track is a monster, narrow lanes, bumpy straight and a sweeper designed by Satan himself.  I went into the sweeper and 4 times didn't make it out. My F1R is going to be the go to car for me for awhile, Ultra is still fast, and definitely easier to drive, but I think the F1R is the ticket for the time being. The Ultra isnt going any where, in fact it will still travel to the track intact every week, but the F1R is going to be the main car. I have the right tires for our track (R1 hards F3 softs) and quick motor Team Icon 21.5 and a new HobbyWing Justock speedo in it, just need to get a decent driver and we will be in the show!.

I had planned on sitting out WGT and 1/12 scale because I was short of funds and we expected a big day for F1, but in the WGT Q3. Robert broke his car, so I took his spot in the Main. He Tq'd but Im not kidding myself, so I opted to start from the back. In the end I was 3rd, behind Scott and Dougie. Dougie had lapped us all but Scott and I had a battle for most of the race, I gave up 2nd spot with only a couple of laps to go. We all knew I was going to to goof, but we expected it to come a little earlier. Great race weekend. Goin back for seconds next week with a full slate of carpet goodness, F1 and WGT and maybe if there is a class I will throw down some 1/12 scale action too.

In other news this week, Yokomo and Speed Passion have shown up with new F1 cars, and I hear rumors of 2 more Major manufacturers with either a full F1 kit or conversions on the horizon. Dont know how good that info is but sounds cool any way. Plus add the that Sweep Racing Tires has announced F1 tires for the F104 style cars to be release by the end of February. Busy times folks. Busy times.

I posted pictures of the prototypes of the Yokomo last year, not sure what all has changed since then.
Yokomo Formula 1 car
T Phalens write up HERE from CompetitionX

Speed Passion F1 Car
UF1 write up HERE

And more coming out as well from F1Paintlabs. Brad has said he will have all the 2013 liveries done by the start of the F1 season in March. I have already seen the new Sauber, Lotus, and Mercedes decals, plus has new stuff from Pardus coming out as well: tires, and different battery bags among other things. I have a set of Pardus to try out next weekend. And I'm anxious to try them out.