Monday, May 27, 2013

Texas EOS and The UTAC race

This coming weekend is the opening of the Summer Texas Electric Onroad Series. It is back for the 2nd season after a successful debut season last year. The first race was scheduled for Saturday June 1st in Austin, Texas, but was recently changed to Sunday the 2nd. That change basically mean I ain't going. Crap. Was looking forward to the series. But I should only miss the first one, so still have 3 more to make. June is Austin, Mikes is in July, Houston and Austin or maybe it was San Antonio after that. There is some confusion and changes that I haven't caught up on, but will hopefully know when and where I need to be sometime before I need to be there. I hope. Work is crazy busy so I can't stalk all the forums like i used to and Mikes board has been down for 3 weeks. I am for the most part out of touch with all the new stuff coming out, I'm sure most of you know it before I happen to see it on Facebook or hear it at the track. But any way.....

In 2 weeks is the inaugural Ultimate Trans Am Championship or UTAC for simplicity's sake.  VTA and Formula 1 take over Mike's Hobbyshop for a day. Hoping for a good crowd, we are very fortunate to have Brad Palmer of F1 Paintlabs flying in for this. So Robert and I, along with Zach and the rest of the F1 Posse get to hang out with BP for a few days, try to get some free stuff (Im kidding BP!!) take him for some real BBQ and just all around RC shenanigans. It should be and will be cool, and add the UTAC in there will just be icing on the cake.

Lets talk racing shall we? I have been on a bi-weekly race schedule of late, and we have had a bunch of new F1 guys defect from over at the off road side of the building. These guys are already fast, and with the group of guys that have been coming in over the last two years, not only do we have a healthy F1 class, we have some very fast guys giving Robert a run for his money every week. That is good news. But at the same time the bastards are all faster than me, so I am falling farther back in the pack all the time. My car is good, my skills are improving all the time along with my lap times, but the competition is getting pretty stiff. I guess that is still good news. F104V2's, Kyoshos, F103s and even old standard F104s are knocking down fast lap after fast lap. Did I forget to mention Exotek? No, of course the Exoteks are usually still winning under the control of Robert. We still get an occasional FGX and the newer F113 quite frequently. Zach bought a Speed Passion SP1 from F1Paintlabs and should have that out on the track soon along with a standard F104 he acquired just this past weekend. I cant keep track of all the different chassis' that make regular stops.

There also has been some changes in the track. We now have bright yellow plow discs all over the place, making the sharper corners and hairpins a lot more crash friendly. So we are breaking a lot less parts when we get a bit too aggressive. Instead of a front end and wheel flying up in the air and a broken car heading to the pits prematurely, we get a little slap on the wrist, some klag on our tires and off we go. Great addition in my book. Plus thanks to Ray in the shop, we have kits, parts and even bodies on the shelves so we can get stuff now instead of having to order and wait. F1 life is good at Mikes now. Better every week it seems. Kick ass times indeed.

 My new livery. 

I am a Fernado Alonso fan. But there are already too many red Ferrari's at the track. I was going to do up a real nice livery for the EOS race, when I had to pullout I was bummed and just used a can of yellow I already had and the kit decals. For the UTAC I am planning on another F2012 but will get a little fancier with the paint and some good decals from BP. If only Sauber didn't go with that grey scheme this year I would pick them. Maybe go throwback with the Benetton B188 on an F2012? Or maybe something else. We will see, I have 2 weeks to decide. See you soon. And more often. I promise. Cheers!


  1. Hey there. Fellow F1 and RC fan. I just dusted off my NTC3 after 8 years in hibernation to find that no one runs nitro TC's anymore. I'm having fun bashing in the parking lot of a local biz park, but would like to be racing something other than the clock.

    I was a Mike's this weekend with my kids to watch the VTAs this past weekentd and saw a pretty strong F1 turnout (18, I think). What would you say is an average F1 turnout on a weekend? If it's decent, I might invest ian f-104 and give this a shot.

    Thanks in advance for your insight!

    1. Hey welcome aboard. I would say we have anywhere from 5-10 per Saturday. There are about 20 or 30 F1ers locally but we tend to have different schedules. Im a every other weekend racer myself. Also Monday nights are really popular for F1 practice nights. We have more on mondays than some saturdays. Get you a 104 any of them, and join us. Next time your up there ask for me or Robert, we can answer most questions. Or on non race days, Ray and Kendall are good for F1 guidance.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply and names. I will definitely take advantage of that.

      Seems the 104 is the chassis to get, but if you have any other opinions - especially for my cheap, ER, frugal nature - I'd definitely appreciate it.

      Thanks again and hope to see you there!