Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Track day In a Loooong Time

Went to Banana Raceway today, finally, to do some practice in the afternoon before the night time racing program. I am not ready to race but I was definitely ready to hit the track, I ran my old Exotek Ultra first, and just took it easy for a few laps, until I was cutting a second per lap but still off the pace and overgeared. But man alive I love the CRC Black carpet. I wasn't trying for fast laps or nothing just feeling it out, then brushed a board at the incredible speed of .001 mph and shattered, yes shattered front wing off the Ebay MP4/2. Two things I didn't bring to track, extra front wing was one of the 2. But I was happy, it was great being on track it really was. So next I got out the TRF101. And immediately found out #2 on list of things I should have brought. Soldering iron. Einstein here shortened the esc wires this week and then soldered wire A to slot C and vice versa. Doh. Borrowed iron from the hobby shop up front and "fix"it. Did a couple of laps, noticed transponder wasn't transponding or whatever so I fixed that. First timed lap of TRF101 matched fastest lap of the ULTRA. Again, I'm still not going at it, just feeling it out, then traction rolled and knocked off one of the wires I "fixed" and decided that was enough for the day. I have been up since 11am yesterday and I was pretty beat, at least too tired to to be efficient at any thing. So I didn't put SP-1 on track because I still havent found diff balls for the 64p spurs and honestly didn't feel like rebuilding a diff. I was happy, and I left happy, and after 34 hours straight of being awake I'm still happy, maybe delirious a bit, but happy. I have things to do this week. Change SP1 to 64p, easy. Maybe adjust ride height on it, it a little high in front. But the TRF is the same as when I built it, I will have to add some speed to it before I know what needs to be adjusted. I know I need to at least drop several teeth on the pinion for 25.5. And I need a real Tamiya front wing for F103 in white. Good to be back.
                                                     You shattered the wing? Yes.
                                                         Let's GO!

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