Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SP1 PRO Body Paint and Assembly. Should be a Laugh Riot.

I have been finishing up paint and cutting the F60 body, pods and shark fin all day. This IS NOT a "HOW TO" by any means. First I hate side pods, cutting the body for side pods scares me. But I got away with it this time. Had to get a pep talk from BP before I hacked the body. Thanks BP.

Here goes. This what I'm shooting for. We will see.

Chassis finished, wheels and wings too.

Main body painted, protective cover still on. Thank God.
Also just beginning cutting F60.

Every thing cut out and painted. 

Fitting the Shark Fin and air intake. Holes for body post line up
exactly like the SP-1 body posts.

Some 3Racing FGX goodies for later.

Put Sergio Perez' head on, I'll try and detail body tomorrow. He would like that.

Right side pod on. Shoe Goo every where. I will fix all that up.
Word of advice don't listen to Black Sabbath or Metallica when doing delicate parts. Hard to line up stuff and bang head and air guitar at same time.

Always paint with good ventilation or this could happen to you. No I didn't accidentally paint beard.
It was on purpose, and it's not paint. OR PINK.

Side pods on. Wasn't terrible but I hated it the whole time.
God that's pink. 
These should help a lot. Thanks BP for the pep talk and the decals.
Every thing but the mess came from F1RCLab

More tomorrow, decals and FGX parts to install. And I am out of Tamiya PS-11 Pink paint.

Thanks for stopping by, please follow this blog I'll be using it a lot for a while. Add comments, Be nice.

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