Saturday, June 30, 2012

F1R rebuild results.

OK posted last night about the F1R rebuild. Here is a run down of what I did. Note that none of this was an improvement to the actual chassis, just basically fixing stuff I have messed up.
1. Removed the F104 bottom plate/diffuser. This was more for looks than anything on the F1R, the kit comes with a bottom plate so adding the diffuser just added 2mm where it wasn't needed. Basically lowered chassis 2mm with out lowering anything else... oh I don't want to go through with it. Anyway, was a mistake to even use it in the first place. Bad TC. Bad
2. Swapped the 12r5 damper shock to a 1/12 damper tube. My shock was bent. Don't think the tube is any better or worse than a shock. It does fit better under the center shock.
3. Raised rear mount of center shock. I had lowered this a few weeks ago simply for body clearance. This created excess droop and probably was the main culprit.
4. New tires. I wasn't aware until recently that you could get the F103 size Shimizus in the R1 Hard compound. You can. I did. Yes!!!

What did all this get me you ask? Well, I knocked off 1.5 seconds per lap that's all.

There is more to do. More dialing and tweaking but it is very drivable. Needs to be a little more stable, and it tends to wander down the straightaway. I can fix that by getting the front tires actually lined up straight with an actual tool rather than the Mark 1 eyeball I have been using. And some adjustment to the side springs. The car is very influenced by the side springs, a little does a lot. I played with them a bit until I needed to get out of there. But a good and for once, productive, day at the track. Didn't race because I didn't get there until right before the mains started and I didn't want to anyway. May get one more track day before we head to Houston for the EOS race.

1.5 seconds/lap. Happy face. See ya.

F1 Ultra update from Robert

Update on the f1 ultra: 
I now have a couple races with this car and many practice packs at mikes hobby shop, home of the 2012 carpet nationals. Been making adjustments and spring/oil changes almost every run and this car is simply amazing now! My donor car was a very stock f103 that ran really well and my best lap on the current layout was 12.4 and that was only once. Avarage lap was more like 12.8. After the f1 ultra conversion that has now been sorted to my liking I pulled off a 12.1! Best of all it is way more consistent and I can average a full run of 12.5's so overall during a race my results are much improved thanks to the f1ultra!

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