Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look what I found: F104W GP official pic.

 Official pic of the F104W GP Edition. In my opinion it looks good, but sadly, I think they picked the ugliest of the F103 bodies to release with the kit. The Tyrell? Really? Why not the Lotus 107b? Or I know..... how about a NEW BODY??????? Maybe they just have heaps of the Type T's left over and they need to move them.

 Any way, its the length of the F104 but wide like the F103. Hence the F104W part. The F104W's are killers on our track, so I guess this one will be even better. Kinda like an F104W Pro Black Special/X1. That sounds better than F104W GP. But alas, who am I?

 Supposed to be released this month.