Friday, November 25, 2011

FGX- First time on the track.

I have never built a car that didn't need some tweaking, however minor or major, when first put on the track. This might be a product of not following instructions to a "T", or just the car itself. I don't know. What I do know is that I followed the instructions to the FGX as close to possible the entire time. From shock oil, to diff gunk, to the length of the links on the front end. And I was rewarded today when I put the FGX down. Not only did I not even have to adjust the steering trim at all, after the initial one lap around the track, I dropped the hammer on it and wrang it out. Better than expected. Much better. I had already driven Racer Roberts FGX. I knew the history of the fragile front end, so I babied it around the track a couple of times and gave it back with out so much as carpet fuzz on the tires. Not this time, this was my car. And I knew the front end was going to snap. (it did) I went out there expecting it, almost wanting it to happen. It took a while, although I don't know what I hit that did it. I didn't have anything remotely close to the board meetings I continue to have with the Mclaren. (More on that later :-) ) I snapped the right side trailing upper arm. Big deal. Borrowed a spare from RB and went right back out there. I like this car. Box stock with Pit Shimizu grooved tires it was hooked up and handled better than I anticipated. It is slower with the stock gear set. There is just not enough room for a bigger pinion at the moment. More room to adjust motor and the Fast gear set will remedy that. Without any adjustments the car makes me happy. With the hop ups coming the performance will increase. This is a serious machine. Racer Robert's is already a beast, mine will be with one small order to TQ RC Racing. And of course a new body from F1 Paintlab.

Now onto the Mclaren. I stole the esc and motor out of it and installed it all in the FGX. Did the same to the Mutant and installed it in the Mclaren. So the Mclaren has the Novak GTX/Silvercan combo in it now. Its even faster than before. But, I split a front tire. Tread severed from inner wall. Not good. My plan for the track Saturday was race with the Mclaren, and play with the FGX. Now I will have to race the FGX while the Mclaren is sidelined. This is probably my last race day until January. It definitely will be the last Saturday race day until then. Might squeeze in a Thursday if I am lucky, but an F1 class on a Thursday is doubtful. I will not have the speed to contend tomorrow, but I will have a new car. And that still makes me happy.