Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trying something different

I get bored. What do I do. Well in the best circumstances I build cars. This is one of those. I have acquired an old Exotek F1Ultra still brand new in package from Brad Palmer and F1RCLab . I already have an F1Ultra and to this day since I bought it years ago it remains my favorite and go to car.
  But this Ultra will be different, I am going narrow, with the TRF101 front end F104 sized tires and whatever goodies Brad Palmer is getting together to make this beast. I have some of he parts already, but he is getting some Tuning Haus pieces as well as upgraded aluminium and carbon bits. Will it work? I suspect it will on small and tight indoor tracks. We shall see. Plus an excuse to paint another body. It is what I call a Win/Win situation. Stay tuned.

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