Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Holy Jesus I got to run oval today after 19 years. VTA oval on the new and improved oval at Mikes. I will admit I was part of the vocal minority that wanted an oval at Mikes, others showed interest right up until we actually got said oval. Then......nothing. Well today it changed, 4 VTA guys and 2 Sprint cars ( FN BADASS). I won first heat, think I got 2nd in 2nd but dont care, we were nose to tail for 3 of the 4 minutes, swapping the lead and some paint. You cant get that kind of racing everyday, especially on a road course. So yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of it. And I hope to continue it. F1 cars worked well today, even the Mutant was ok with the new kicks. Once a groove gets down on the new layout it will be better. The F109 was golden on the oval once I got some heat in the tires. Right up until I bumped the inside rail and sent my left rear flying and my car tumbling. Oh well, one replacement rear hub on the way soon. Wish there was some video of the VTA races, Id like to see it.

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