Monday, October 17, 2011

Racing 10-15 at Mikes

4 of us ran in VTA, I got second to AWD. Hes just about unbeatable so I will take 2nd any time! VTA ran well, I drove better than normal. I think the VRC Pro is really helping my driving. I get a lot of practice online now. My F109 ran pretty good too, the switch to Pit Shimizu F3 soft compund in the front really made it a new car, the mediums in the front just didn't have the bite. Very drive-able, pretty fast. The F109K4 project is going OK. Got the right tires today, same compound as on the F109 standard, so there will be some severe track time tomorrow to wring it out some and get it going right. If not, I ll cut my losses and go back to the wide front end. But I think it will be fine. Looking forward to some open track. But hoping some of these oval guys that said they were interested in running an oval show up. Pretty Ri-GD-diculous to have that nice oval go to waste after the trouble Mike went to to build the damn thing. He made the lanes wider, it looks fast. Will find out tomorrow. Ill never mention an oval track at Mikes again. Sorry asses.

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