Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 IIC in Vegas F1 A main results

 1      Lightfoot, Charles 25 5:08.068
2 Tam, Tony      25 5:10.200
3 Born, Jordan 25 5:12.872
4 Burgess, Mark 24 5:07.542
5 Kennedy, Mike 24 5:08.410
6 Smyka, Carissa 23 5:01.332
7 Jackson, Steven 23 5:03.191
8 Cannon, Blake 23 5:14.419
9 Ficco, Mario 21 4:33.598
10    Nick Malato 10 2:35.122

I have very few details so far but here is the final results for this years IIC F1 A Main. See alot of familiar names, plus Mike's Hobbys very own Jordan Born made the podium. Very cool to see someone I race with and get beat by on a regular basis do well against the best of the best. We as usual had several Mikes locals at the IIC, and they all did well.

Steve Breuer made the A in Amateur Sedan.
Mike Dumas made the A in Mod Sedan, 13.5 1/12 scale, and Expert 10.5 WGT getting 2nd.
Larry Bradshaw made the B main WGT
and James Lundburg did well in both 17.5 and 13.5 1/12 scale making the C in 13.5 and B main in 17.5.

Congrats to all the Mike guys and to my online buddies, Charles Lightfoot, Mike Kennedy and Brad Palmer for doing well. Expecially Lightfoot, who won the the big show. Congrats Charles!

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