Friday, October 12, 2012

17.5 Exotek F1R (or when boredom strikes)

OK so I'm sitting around last night. I just got my F1R back from Jordan, he took it to Vegas for the IIC. Lucked into a TOP F1 car courtesy of TOP USA and commenced to get 3rd in the A. So I put it back together and got to thinking.

And that is normally when trouble strikes. I already tried the car with a 25.5 on Mikes carpet, it actually wasn't that bad, still had the end of the straight away speed, just no punch. And I will test it some more with a 25.5 until I get another 21.5 for it. But I wont be on the carpet for a couple of weeks at least so I threw in an older LRP Vector X-11 17.5 I had laying around. This motor I thought I may have gotten too hot once before when I was pushing it with a 1 cell pack, I didn't temp it, just felt hot. But its seems fine, and honestly I don't think it was that hot after all.

Anyway, long story back on track but not any shorter..... I tried it out today out on the street in front of the house. 17.5 X-11, Shimizu tires, Black Ferrari F60 and Speed Passion Cirtix Stock Spec esc. First impression. Fast. 2nd impression, I need some brakes. While at Gulfcoast Speedway tomorrow I will toss it out on the big track and test it out some more, ride height was a thrown together/whopping 6 mm for the speed runs lol. I have already changed it to a reasonable 4 mm front 5 mm rear height for a another fun run tonight on the street. And go from there after a few laps tomorrow. Of course that is after I get the Ultra tuned for the real race on Sunday. Simply for fun, but who knows where it will lead too. Its too fast for the carpet track for certain, I mean there is no need for it there at least, 21.5 will be more than ample on the carpet. I don't see 17.5 being any better. But on that big ass Nitro track, should be fun. I think I need to pack the 13.5 motor just in case. LOL. yeah baby.

I'll keep you posted. As well a full blow track report of the EOS sometime early in the week. And maybe even some actual pictures. I know, I keep saying that, one of these days I will come through. Just don't hold your breath. I am really not very trust worthy.

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