Monday, December 24, 2012

And, we are back

Finally, after over a month away from all things RC, I got back on the track this past weekend. I planned on running F1, WGT and 1/12, but no WGT and the only 1/12 action was mod. No way I am running mod this new into 1/12. Don't want my CRC to turn to bits just yet. So we ran F1, good turn out of 6. Robert won (of course) in his silvercan/stock F103, while the rest of mere mortals followed him. Actually, Mitch (with Roberts Ultra) and Doug (Ultra) put a lot of heat on him, but in the end, it was the same story. I dont know where I finished, I think 4th, good runs with Scott and Tom as usual. We are pretty evenly matched in the driving department, so its good racing for the mid packers. Something new we tried was the pit stops during a regular 6 minute main. It added something to the racing just as we expected, even with a short race. Adds some strategy and some excitement. Win/win.

During my hiatus I sold my F1R to someone up at Mikes so he will be joining us on the carpet maybe this week. But I got a wild hair Friday night, and I ordered another F1R along with Robert so I will be back to having a 2 car garage this week. I also bought an old XRay T2-2007 to get back into VTA, I bought another Sakura Zero S and an HPI Blitz SC, both for my soon to be 4 year old son as Christmas presents. Plus I will play with them too, I am not fooling anyone, I realize that, so don't call me out on it.

Sons's Sakura Zero S, HPI Blitz and Hot Wheels track

The F1 Posse, December 2012 Edition
Tom, Mitch, me, Scott, Robert and Doug

My Red XRay T2 2007

Happy Christmas everyone!!

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