Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A little Monday F1 Mayhem

New Years Eve, off from work, so I went up to Mikes for some carpet practice. Robert met me there as he was going to break in his new Exotek F1R. (Mine is still in construction) Ended up with 5 F1 cars on the track running and playing it was a good time. Me and Robert (ok Robert and I) decided to get narrow F1Rs, I having just sold my original F1R was already missing it, so no problem. I will buy another. My intentions were easy, I have a problem, I like RC cars. Good excuse, get another. Roberts was intent on finding out if in fact "wider is better". I will say that after one day of track tests and probably less than 5 packs through it, we dont know. But I do know that, Robert was turning lap times of 10.9, just like he turns them in his Ultra. Disgusting. He really is good though. My Ultra is still doing well, might gear it up, or even down a tooth, not sure. I am running 11.5 lap times, but I still havent had one magic flying lap where everything is millimeter perfect. Work in progress, F1 RULES>

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