Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exotek, Kyosho and Tamiya

Lots of stuff to talk about, but I need to do some research first. I have my new Exotek F1R built and track ready. I actually have a few laps on it now. Using the popular 571/572 Pit Shimizu combo. That combo hasn't really worked well forbus on our carpet. Car is way too twitchy, had a pair of the F3 mediums, and they calmed it down. I think the F3 softs will ne the real deal for it. Thats the combo that works the best on the carpet at Mikes. And its the combo that works on the Ultra as well.

There ate now 2 of the Kyosho Plazma F1 cars in town, with another on order. I have seen the car in person, and it looks good. I have not seen it in action yet.  I will this weekend.

Also, TP over at the UF1 site posted. THIS. Tamiyas version of the Ferrari F2012. F104 Pro v2 with new/old step nosed body. More to come as I get  back in the groove.

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