Sunday, July 24, 2011

VTA 7/23

Basically another piss poor showing of VTA drivers at Mikes, barely enough for a class. ME, Drew and Double D. Drew didnt get his car put together until 3rd heat. So basically it was a battle over 2nd with me and Double D. He was better and faster, but kept letting me stay ahead. Hell, he even let me go first getting down the stairs from the driver stand. So, I won. Put another asterick by that win, because it was a gift. But Ill take it.  Still turned my best 8 minute and 6 minute races to date. Traction compound is 95% of the set up for me. And I still miss it 50% of the time.
  Double D is just one of a couple of guys at Mikes that have done nothing but help me, and the other mortals that try to race on the carpet. Class. And he has a killer Streetglide!

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