Saturday, July 30, 2011

Race Day

In VTA my car was great all day. Qualified 3rd, finished third out of 6 or 7, but I was very pleased with me and the car. I just need to get faster, so more throttle through the infield. Im faster with a rabbit in front of me, I tend to lollygag when I dont have anyone in view.
F1 qualified 3rd, finished 3rd as well. Bad thing is there were only three to begin with and I was off the pace all day. 1st race with the Pit Shimizus and I didnt have it. Went harder springs up front, softer in the rear. Just unstable and loose out of the turns and on the straight. 17.5 is about to come out, and the silvercan is goin in. Repair held up for the most part, it got soft by the main. But I dont think it affected much if anything. Video possibly later.

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