Monday, June 25, 2012

Exotek F1 Ultra

Robert got an Ultra. Got it today, built it today, racing Saturday. I got a pic of it, and if I get my way and get to race this weekend. (please) I will get more pics and of course some actual first or at least second hand info on it. Rejoice. Pic.

From Robert after some track time:

Just built my f1 ultra last night and ran it for the first time today. First impression is very good before even really dialing it in! The conversion really hooks the car up and let's you get the power to the ground. Before I had to ease on the throttle exiting corners or it would just diff out and loose drive. With the f1 ultra I found that I could get on the gas much harder earler and the car just launches hard from the apex out! It's so hooked up that it seems slow but I was running some of my best laps. Also mid corner corrections are effortless now. Plus its beautiful, blue anodize and carbon fiber is a great combination.

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