Friday, June 29, 2012

F1R rebuild

Lately I have had some issues with my F1R not seeming to have rear traction. Happened in Houston asphalt and again at Mikes on carpet. Even on straightaways the car felt as if it was on ice. If you watched the Valencia race last weekend and saw Hamilton's car the couple of laps before his accident, that is what my car has felt like. So I have done a tear down of the rear end looking for any thing out of the ordinary. With the Yeah Racing pod, of course I have to mount the side damper shock differently than stock. Just for the weekend I replaced the shock with a tube from a 1/12th car. I also lowered the front mount of the center shock about 2mm. Rear end is feeling better, and with new tires tomorrow, I'm testing at Mikes. I will of course tell you how it goes. Have a good weekend.

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