Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mikes Summer Carpet Shootout Series Final

Well the Summer Shootout is done.  6 races over 6 months for points and glory. I, didnt get much of either, but I had a good time. Finished 4th in F1 and thanks to Randy Novak not racing the required amount of races, I got 3rd in WGT. I wasnt a factor in either class, in fact, on the last lap of WGT today, my car actually fell apart. So I am done with WGT until I can get another car. Really. The only carbon fiber piece of the car that was intact, was the tweak plate, and it split in half on the last lap. I need a new chassis, motor plate and tweak plate.......... I'm buying a new car I bet lol. F1 is another story. I have improved a lot over the series. I got 3rd again today, a strong third, only one lap down. And that is saying a lot over what I had been doing a couple of months ago. The Exotek F1 Ultra is a bad machine. It fits my driving style, is very stable, but you can really get nasty on the infield. Turned my most ever laps today, and ran really clean. In 2 weeks we head to Houston and the monster 1/8 scale gas track at Gulf Coast Raceway to wrap up the Texas EOS. The two series we have been running have been fun, but I am ready for the travel to be over so I can get back to regular club racing for the Winter. Wait a second, the Winter Series starts in November. Oh well, no travelling at least.

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