Monday, September 3, 2012

The F1 Posse Rides again, again.

Midnight Monday again at Mikes, busy night. Our very own 2011 Fall Classic F1 Champ Alex made an appearance at the track after several months of being away from the RC world. I admit, I made him come up there, guilt trips are a bitch, and it actually worked! Anyway, about 4 hours of practice with Robert, Zach and Alex. Robert had his 15th Anni F103 out there with foams. What a rocket ship when he got it dialed with the foams. He was hitting 11.5s at least, maybe faster, I ignored him. Pathetic. Driving that fast, its just crazy lol. With his Ultra he was hitting mid 12's on rubber, I hit a 13.0 about the best I could do, not consistent, I was all over the place. I did get it settled down quite a bit by lowering the rear. Went from a #1 spacer to a #0, along with putting the spacers under the front end for some caster. My Ultra is too fast for me, lol. Honestly, I cant drive it as fast as it wants to go, I'm not all smooth like Keith Stone or something. I probably will drop a tooth at least. If I'm smart. We'll see. Zach got his Exotek F1R going well, and Alex, after practically putting his F104W together at the track tonight, got his going very well too. Not too much rust. Hope both Zach and Alex start hitting the track on a regular basis again. Good practice night, my last before the EOS this coming weekend. We will run the track clockwise starting next weekend, so hopefully I get some time on it Saturday evening to get used to going the right direction again. Counter clockwise is really fun on this track, hope clockwise is just as good.

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