Sunday, September 9, 2012

Round 3 Texas EOS

Long day at the track. Did well in F1. Meh in WGT. For some reason attendance dropped considerably for Round 3, 69 racers down from 90+ last month. Half the F1 crowd this month as well. Also for some reason, with round 3 being the only appearance of WGT in the series, hardly any of the local guys even signed up. Boo, I say. They were there, just didn't bother to sign up. So we had five WGT sign ups, and even 2 of them didnt bother to race. Flakes. Anywhoo, who gives a turkey about WGT anyway? F1 we had 15 I think? Maybe 12, again who cares.  Lets just say that 12 courageous and bad ass souls braved the carpet for F1 and the other 12 from last month didn't. Well they missed out. First 2 rounds we had asphalt and pretty easy layouts to deal with, lots of space to roam. This month at Mikes? Notsomuch. Tight spaces, technical track, and on carpet. Thats Mikes, and that's why we race there. Fellow Team Exotek Williams driver Robert TQ'd and won going away in the 15 minute A main with series points leader Marcus Williams in 2nd, Frank Hernandez 3rd, I got 7th. And I am happy with it, I won the B, got the bump up, and made up some ground. Car is great, need to calm it down just a touch, and it will be better.

Did make some adjustments. Car was under weight, so I added 14 grams in the front between bellcrank and front arms, and 7 on the rear motor pod plate. Added the extra to the front to try and calm the car down a bit. Calmed it too much and I was pushing a bit more than I wanted. Q2 I took half the weight off the front and lost the push, but a bit twitchy still. I decided I could live with it, and I did. Improving my pace from then on. Will try something else next time out, not sure what. Possibly drop the rear .5 mm or so. Or it could be I need new rear tires, seems a bit soon but after 2 rounds on asphalt they are showing signs of wear. Hope to have pics and video this week. I didn't take any, but it is out there.

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