Monday, August 22, 2011

F104 body on an F109

F109 bodies are tough to get ahold of. F103 bodies look like grunt on an F109. Solution? F104 body! Kind of. You have to sacrifice, because all that beautiful chassis space for your goodies on the F109 is gone. I have switched back to 1s lipo/17.5 so I figured I try it. F1 Alex had a spare F104 body so he gave it to me to try out. Minimal trimming on the body was needed. New body post hole in the front, the rear is held in by velcro and I had to cut away the cockpit. VTA Bob (liberated from my Zero) is now pilot of the F109. Heres what I had to do with the electrics.

So I got everything rewired ( yet again!) Wires are zip tied all up, VTA Bob is shoogooed on the upper deck, velcro and the on/off switch are only things mounted outside of center line of chassis. Tomorrow my parts will be here, real side spring mounts, titanium turnbuckles and yet another set of steering blocks. Aluminum this time. We'll see how all this work turns out next Saturday, hopefully better than all of the work from last week. Atleast its alot of fun to hang in the mancave and play with my cars. Oh and I repainted the body. It was solid black. Now its not.

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