Sunday, August 28, 2011


F1 summer break over! DVRd practice qualifying and the race, but cant watch race until my 2 year old gives up the TV.

Saturday races were good. VTA anyway. Car ran great, good races, think I got 5th or 6th. The good drivers are joining VTA and Im falling back further in the pack weekly (weakly too). But its fun, competetion is fierce, and the track is full. Good combo in my book.
F1 we had enough  drivers for a class, but when the tone sounded for the first heat, only one was on the grid. And it wasnt mine. Camber link came off on warmup lap, not the first time this has happened. Another car had a fried motor. We decided to tell the race director to just write us off as a class for the day. But I did get my car fixed, and my spins are gone. Replaced the adjustable front end for the older f103 frontend until I can get the right parts. And after all this time and effort, my spins were rather simple: wrong size ballcups on the rear links. I was binding and just kept overlooking it. I knew it was something simple, just took a month to find it. My F109 is back to being great. Got some good practice in between VTA heats. Back at it next week, and with a new IIC type track layout. Should be interesting. Technichal track.

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