Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mikes 8/6

Great day of VTA and F1 racing. Car again was great in VTA, I missed TQ by 2 seconds, and finished 3rd in the main. Car seemed slow on the straights, and lap times showed it. Never got into the 13s in the main. F1 car was another story, went straight to foams after one lap of practice on the very dusty track. Very loose in the rear again in first heat. Got it corrected a bit after talking with Robert Bremer and lowering the front mount of the shock, to make it more level. That really calmed the rear down. Also got ahold of some CRC side springs and did that mod. Big difference. Car got better as the day went on, my driving did not. Crashed out of the main with a busted camber link. Fixed and practiced for a pack after races. Car is coming back around, silvercan is pretty quick too. Nice surprise there. Vacation this week, so I will be at the track all day Thursday. Much needed practice day.

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