Saturday, September 24, 2011

ahhhh raceday!

Well I made it. Barely. 3 weeks from racing or any track time was almost more than I could bare. And I almost didnt go today after all, night shift killing my sleep. I had a buddy sign me up for the racing, so I could show up late. Missed 1st heat. Oh well, sleep is great. 3rd in VTA on the new new layout. Challenging mother it is. But I really like it, has some really slow intricate stuff in it, but has alot of WFO spots too. WFO FTW. Also got the F109 out there with soft Pit Shimizu fronts in place of the mediums. Score. Made one adjustment after the first run, which was to raise the front mount on rear shock about 2mm. And she was pretty good. Atleast she looked good, I didnt get to drive it but one lap before it was liberated from me. Lol. But Spencer and Robert made a buunch of laps with it, and both seemed to enjoy it. Ill take it. Aquired 2nd F109 today, going with the F104 frontend on it first just because. Its in pieces in the Mancave, but its coming along fine. Needs some bits to finish. And need to study up on it to make sure I get the right stuff. Rent a Ride? hehe. Out.

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