Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pirelli decals

Heres a pic of the Pirelli tires decals on the Shimitzus. These decals are perfect for F104 size tires but with minor tweaking the will work on the F103 size tires. These of course are F103 size tires. Diseregard the Tyrrel 023 disguised as a Ferrari. You know what happens when I get bored.

Im having a manic stage while taking 2 weeks off from racing. One week in. I thought I was handling it well, but evidently with the painting,rewiring, motor switch, more rewiring, another body on order, more parts, more rewiring, etc etc, Im not handling it well at all. Ive got a Mclaren MP4/6 body on the way from The F1 PaintLab . And Ive picked out a couple more items to grab from there too. Wait, I thought it was 2 weeks off. Its 2 weekends off that means 3 weeks total. Oh dear lord what have I done?

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