Sunday, September 4, 2011

9/3 at Mikes

We had 12 show up for VTA. Best showing ever, by far. Had an A and B. Pretty cool. Qualified 6th, which probably would have oput me in the A but 2 racers left early. So I was #1 in the B, finished 3rd. Good race, I had a chance at first a few times, but I couldnt make a pass. And I didnt want to take him out, I dont want first that bad. Made a couple of mistakes and ended up 3rd. But it was a good race, A main was really good too. The fast guys are here and VTA is really heating up. New layout is sweet, its not as hard as I thought it would be. Too bad its already gone after this week.

We had 4 in F1, and its pretty much just a mess still. Its Racer Robert and then the rest of us. I fixed my handling issues but, it turns out that the change to 17.5 and 1s just isnt going to work. Car handled pretty well, but with my gearing it there was no punch, so I was slow thoughout the infield. And my motor got pretty hot. It may be done. Silvercan is going back in this week. 2 week break from Mikes for me, Short Course Showdown is in a couple of weeks, and Im taking this weekend off. Get this thing situated and hopefully some actually practice laps in during the week. Its coming around, and theres 2 more F1s about to show up. Time to get some rules. Hello UF1 ;)

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