Monday, September 26, 2011

F109 K4

OK , I reaquired an F109 chassis that I had sold a few months ago. We scavenged parts off of it so its not complete. Mostly no front end, and a few other pieces. I bought an F104 front end a few weeks ago to try on my F109. But now I dont have to use my main car. I dont know if I want call this a build log, but basically I guess it is. With less details. There will be some other mods done to it that I have either read on the net, or just did myself to simplify things. First things first: the F104 front end.
Fits right on in the place of the F103 front end just like it should. I had the modify the servo mounts to add the rear ball link for the arms.
I will have to figure out another way to get the battery in an out, because the front mount of upper deck is secured now. Will probably go through the middle post. I also need kingpins, which I may have this week. On the rear shock mount I have used 3/4 inch bolts intstead of the 8mm's so I have more room to adjust shock mount height front or rear.
Thats all for now, I need to get more parts, the rear dampener isnt complete, kingpins, steering blocks, left rear wheel hub, and of course F104 wheels and tires. Im sure theres some more. But looking good so far. Hoping to get this on the track in a couple of weeks, and also for it to be used by those "F1 curious" types up at the track.
I will go in this week and look at the front end and make sure I have it all even. Its kinda "just in there" right now. Im sure I will need to adjust the way I mounted the rear arm, I stumbled through that little mod, and I know its not up to spec. Its definitley not Tamiya stock.

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