Thursday, December 15, 2011

1/12th scale CRC Gen Xi

I'm getting into the 1/12 scene, have a CRC Gen Xi on the way. With the Carpet Nats being at Mikes next year, and the uncertainty of either F1 or VTA being a part of it, 1/12 is a lock. So here we go with the carpet demons! Might be here Saturday, but with the Holidays around, I expect USPS to be swamped and probably behind a day. No biggie, if theres one thing I understand, its shipping. 22 years at UPS has taught me that.

On another note, I got my shipment from F1Paintlab with the Tamiya Type C body and the 90s F1 decal set today. Will be doing my best to paint up a 1992 Nigel Mansell Williams car for my brother's Christmas gift. The Mutant will have a new home, I have converted it back to standard width. And I also plan on purchasing the Exotek F1R conversion for the F103/4 in the next few days. More on that to come!