Friday, December 30, 2011

Ooops I forgot.

Forgot to post, I was at Mikes tonight. Its official, F1 and VTA will be classes at the 2012 ROAR Carpet Nats. A lot of people excited, and several sour pusses upset. What are ya gonna do? Cant please everyone right?

Seven Classes:
Mod 1/12
Mod Sedan
17.5 1/12
17.5 Sedan
17.5 WGT

I think its a great call, personally. Probably because I am biased because my 2 classes are VTA and F1. So little ol me will be racing at the Nats in classes I actually run for club races. Have a 1/12 scale now, but I doubt I run it. VTA and F1 are the 2 biggest classes at Mikes. VTA is booming for the last couple of years, F1 is coming on real strong too. 1/12 and sedan yada yada yada, same same. New classes bring in new people, like me, and Joe Clubracer, and you. We can all have a piece of the pie, and if we are lucky, some of the big name guys jump in VTA and F1 and kick the tar out of us. Dare we dream?

Now for tonight's track report. The F1R is great. 21.5 didn't come in mail in time, so I ran the 25.5 in it, about .5 second slower than the 21.5s on the track. Box stock set up per instructions. It was good. Shimizu hards in the back were also a pleasant surprise. Racer Robert took it for a spin and hit a 10.4 lap. Says he thinks he can get it in the 9s. We will see Monday. No one has hit the 9s on our track yet in F1, that is 1/12 domain. I was hitting mid 11s consistently. Which is not bad for me, since I normally just hit the boards. Very drivable car. FGX.... what can I say? I love it, I hate it, I drive it, I break it. Spindle and a kingpin tonight. Whats next? That covers everything in the front end. Took CRC out too, Robert christened it, and set it up best he could. He likes. I drove it, I like, need to get the 2 ton GTB speedo out of it, but will be good. 1/12 is a different world. So fast, so tiny, delicate little flower.... that was odd. Anyway, to the Mancave! For post practice tear down and shenanigans!