Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3racing F109, Exotek F1R and CRC Gen Xi

I painted up the Tamiya Type C F1 body a la Williams Renault circa 92. Turned out pretty well, of course not perfect, but I'm not a pro. This car of course used to be The Mutant. Now it is the standard width F109 with the standard F103 front end. In fact, this front end came off of my Mclaren F109 along with the tires and a few other bits. The Mclaren is in a sad shape at the moment, as the rear end is now part of the Exotek F1R temporarily. My Mclaren is no more than a chassis with the electronics still installed. Any way I will have more on the Exotek possibly later tonight, I assembled most of it last night. Waiting on rear pod and a body via TQ. The CRC Gen Xi also arrived yesterday, and I may begin that build tonight as well. But for now, pics.
Williams Renault F109

My poor Mclaren

Exotek F1R