Monday, December 26, 2011

More F1R and Gen Xi Pics

Spent the long Holiday weekend sick and messing with the cars when not doing the Christmas things. As usual I wont bore you with the details of the build, just followed instructions, didn't ad lib anything. That formula worked on the FGX, no wonder they are included with most kits. Should have tried that long ago. Few things though, I got a SpeedPassion 17.5/Cirtix esc combo for Christmas from my awesome wife. Was supposed to go in the CRC, but well, the esc went into the F1R and motor went to CRC. Ordered a Trinity Duo 2 21.5 today (They are cheap!)for the F1R. I will either A) put Novak GTB 4cell or reg GTB in CRC, or B) rule out either the FGX or F1R and use one of the SpeedPassion esc's out of them for the CRC (highly unlikely). And now.... Pics!

And the other guy in the band, the F1R