Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EXOTEK Adjustable F104 Front Arm Set

Wow! Look What Exotek has done. A link front end system. I am glad to see someone put a commercial version out of this. I will have this.

New multi adjustable upper arm set for the F104! These heavy duty CNC machined arm sets allows you to make quick and precise camber and caster adjustments on the fly. Want to try a little more camber or a little less caster? Now you can make changes without having to remove the body so you spend more time track testing and less time bench warming.
The arm sets also has better clearance to avoid hitting and jamming the steering turnbuckles.
Must have tuning item that is a great aid to adjust your car to any track.
The set includes;
2 7075 alloy caster adjusters
2 Smooth action Delrin camber adjusters
4 Hardened steel turnbuckles and hardware
4 Heavy duty nylon ball cups

$47.95 MSRP

Exotek Site

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