Sunday, May 6, 2012

Exotek link front ends and more

Thats right, I said front ends as in more than one.

Exotek is about to release the FGX link front end like the one they have just released for the F104. Robert got some shots of it at the UF1 race this weekend. So get ready FGX owners, your finally going to have an after market front end worth having over that glass stock one. The second I sell my FGX Exotek fixed the lower arm, and now they have the upper figured out as well. Way to go Exotek. And here is something else in the Skunkworks making an appearance at the UF1 race this weekend: a new rear camber mount. Dont know all the details, but right from the beginning there were questions about the stock camber mount on the FGX, Exotek is fixing that as well. You can see it in this pic in raw aluminium.

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