Monday, May 21, 2012

New Team Race Team Members

Added 1/12 scale to the stable once again. Bought a used CRC Gen XL. Good price and I couldn't turn it down. It will give me a class to run on Thursdays when I go to Mikes. I raced this weekend. There was another Pro series race at Mikes this weekend for the outdoor track, so very limited inside racing. No F1, no VTA, no 1/12, just WGT and Sedan. WGT was pretty bad for me. I got T boned by 2 cars in the first qualifier, and broke the chassis where the left side link mounts. Patched it up for Q2 but it didnt hold. Waiting to hear how much a replacement is going to set me back. But in the meantime, I got creative with an old graphite bottom motor plate and some epoxy. Hopefully it will get me through the series race this coming weekend. If not, I have a plan B.  A little slower, but very durable, and a little surprise for any one in front of me.
Plan B aka JagdPanther. When horsepower just isn't enough.

1/10 and 1/12. Awwww how cute. Twinkies.

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