Friday, May 11, 2012

Exotek front end installed

Got the Exotek link front end this week and installed it. Sturdy, easy to put together and looks trick. Plenty adjustable and durable from the looks of it. Will find out for certain as I bash my way around the track next weekend. On a good note, I finally get to go back to working the day shift, so more track time is in my immediate future. Hopefully I can get some laps before the next race weekend. And put a stop to my DNF streak of late. Time to get this shit together and look like I know what I am doing for once. I also have a new Mclaren MP4/24 body and new Marlboro decals from the F1 Paintlab coming. The new decals BP is churning out are looking great. I highly recommend checking them out. I see another body/livery in my future already with his new Benetton B88 decal sheet. That will most likely go on the F109 which is inching it's way ever so close to being back to ready to run. New shock went on this week. Just need another composite F103 frontend and some servo mounts. One F109 was sold last week, my Sakura Zero S for VTA went on sale today. Look for it on RCTech if your interested. Most of the aluminium hop ups are on it and at a good price. I will take a pretty good loss selling it. So be it, I need more F1 parts!!

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