Saturday, May 6, 2017

I am back, where have I been?

Well like the title says I am back and where have I been. For starters Mikes Hobby Super Store and my track closed down a few of years ago. That left us with mo where to race until 2015 when some of the guys put together weekly parking lot  racing which we did for a couple of months. That summer Banana Raceway opened up with a carpet oval. I made the Maiden Race but halfway through I decided that even though I started on oval back in 90s that oval wasn't for me any more. Plus most of my friends weren't there. I took my stuff home and it sat in same spot until March of this year. Last year I caught the Zika virus and the doctors didn't catch it until January, which by that time it had turned into Guillian Burre Syndrome and I was paralyzed from chest down for a week and spent a month in the hospital. I am still recovering and as part of my therapy for the neuropathy and encephalopathy I discovered that building RC kits was a big help not to mention some motivation. The Banana has grown into a full blown hobby shop with a carpet on road and an oval on Fridays. I have built 3 kits and painted a few bodies, plus I have another kit (Speed Passion SP1) on the way from F1R/CLab. Matter of fact all the kits and bodies, parts etc have come from there since March.

I haven't taken anything out to drive yet but that day is coming very soon.

Tamiya TRF101

Tamiya TT02R
Speed Passion LM1

Sakura Xi Sport which I sold 3 days later

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